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Hello my name is Psycho AssassinFTW I've been playing this game for a wile now like 4 days straight and I still want to play even more cause I haven't even gotten past level 2 soo who am I to be giving advice to yo guys let me try and give you what I know of so far if your starting off for the first time which probably most off you are you would like to pick the character you prefer the most I would like to recommend the newer players to rouge like games to start off with the Soldier and basically you will get past the first level and then its the level 2 that screws you over even me who has been playing for 4 days can't get past god damm level 2 bloddy hell.......Most of you will feel my pain

tl;dr: "Psycho AssassinFTW" says, "Use Soldier."

~AlAtEX Floor three has a Surprise...~

~SlimeSensei~(Go hacker for the hacks)

Donkek: the easiest person to start off with is slum dweller as they get stronger when they level up no matter what and have more perks to pick from

DerTodgeweihte: If you want a good start you can look in Trash Cans for some items. Also for an easy game the assassin with his invisibility can one hit kill everybody from behind