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Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Information
Axe Axe.png 11 Damage
Baseball Bat BaseballBat.png 8 Damage
Chainsaw Chainsaw.png

15 Damage

Chloroform Hankie (Ability) ChloroformHankie.png

Knocked Out (Must be a doctor)

Crowbar Crowbar.png

8 Damage, can be used to open locked doors

Fist Fist.png

5 Damage

Knife Knife.png

8 Damage

Police Baton PoliceBaton.png

8 Damage

Shovel Shovel.png

8 Damage

Sledgehammer Sledgehammer.png

15 Damage

Sticky Glove (Ability) StealingGlove.png

0 (Must be thief)

Sword Sword.png

11 Damage

Wrench Wrench.png

8 Damage, can be used to sabotage generators

Projectile Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Effects
Fire Extinguisher FireExtinguisher.png

Coming soon. (Expect this to only be able to put out fires..Maybe inflict stun too...?)

Flamethrower Flamethrower.png

Fires Flames in rapid succession burning your enemy or yourself, doing 5-3 damage each flame.

Freeze Ray FreezeRay.png

Fires an Ice Bullet that does 5 damage.low reload.

Ghost Gibber GhostBlaster.png

Fires Ghost Gibber Ray to damage Ghosts.

Machine gun MachineGun.png

Fires Bullets in rapid succession, fast reload but the same damage as a pistol.

Pistol Pistol.png

Fires a single Bullet that does 5 damage.Fast reload.

Rocket Launcher RocketLauncher.png

Fires a Rocket that does 15 damage.Slow reload.

Shotgun Shotgun.png

Fires a spray of 3 Bullets. Each do 5. Slow reload.

Shrink Ray ShrinkRay.png

Fires a Shrinker Bullet. Slow reload.

Sniper Rifle SniperRifle.png

Coming soon. (Expect high damage at a very low fire rate.)

Tranquilizer Gun TranquilizerGun.png

Fires a Tranquilizer Dart. Slow reload.

Water Pistol WaterPistol.png

Combine with anything that gives status effects and it will use that as ammo for the enemy.

Name Icon Effects
Banana Peel BananaPeel.png

Causes a person to trip, stunning them and causing 5 damage. (Just sell this...)

Bear Trap BearTrap.png

Causes 10 damage and Slow for 20 seconds.

Grenade Grenade.png

Creates an Explosion 4 seconds after having been thrown.

Land Mine LandMine.png

Creates an Explosion when a person steps on it, or it comes in contact with an item. (Make sure you don't step on your own mines!)

Rock Rock.png

Throw and deal 0 damage, but it breaks windows. (Also sell this...)

Hats[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Status Effect
Gas Mask GasMask.png

Resist Gas

Hard Hat HardHat.png

Resist Damage (Small)

Slave Helmet SlaveHelmet.png

Could explode from Slave Helmet Remote at any time.

Combat Helmet SoldierHelmet.png

Resist Damage (Small)

Tools[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Effects
Accuracy Mod AccuracyMod.png

Combine with a weapon to raise the item holder's Accuracy by 1 while using that weapon.

Ammo Processor AmmoProcessor.png

Combine with an item to add ammunition to all projectile weapons. Amount added is based on the value of the item.

Ammo Stealer AmmoStealer.png

Remotely use on a person with a gun to remove all ammunition from their gun. Ammunition is distributed to all guns in the item holder's inventory.

Augmentation Canister AugmentationCanister.png

Coming soon.

Body Vanishing Salt BodyVanisher.png

Makes a dead body disappear.

Boombox Boombox.png

Place on the ground to attract nearby people with noise and cause them to dance in place until they find a higher priority task. Music only stops if the boombox is damaged.

Cardboard Box CardboardBox.png

Hiding underneath this box will prevent people from seeing the wearer, unless the observe the box moving. If a person touches the box, it will be removed from the wearer, as well as from their inventory.

Cigarette Lighter CigaretteLighter.png

Necessary to light Cigarettes. More uses coming.

Cocktail Cocktail.png

Gives a status effect when consumed. Created by Drink Mixer, can be served by the Bartender using Serve Drinks.

Door Detonator DoorDetonator.png

Can be attached to a locked Door. If the Door is opened or damaged, the detonator will create an Explosion. (Use on steel doors because you can punch any wooden door down.)

Drink Mixer DrinkMixer.png

Use on items that give status effects to create a Cocktail, only get this item by playing the Bartender.

EarWarp Whistle HearingBlocker.png

Inflicts Hearing Blocked on all people in the stage.

Food Processor FoodProcessor.png

Combine with inventory items to create a random food item. (Some items can't be turned into food ie. itself.)

Free Item Voucher FreeItemVoucher.png

Receive any item for free from a seller.

Friend Phone FriendPhone.png

Spawns two Aligned people of the same character class as the item holder that will join the party.

Hacking Tool HackingTool.png

Single-use item for remotely hacking Computers.

Haterator Haterator.png

Remotely use on a person to make them Hateful toward the first person they see.

Hologram Bigfoot HologramItem.png

Place a hologram that lasts for 30 seconds. People will be inclined to attack it, causing a distraction.

Hypnotizer Mark I Hypnotizer.png

Remotely use on a person to make them Friendly toward you.

Hypnotizer Mark II Hypnotizer2.png

Remotely use on a person to make them Aligned with you.

Identify Wand IdentifyWand.png

Combine with a Syringe to identify its status effect.

Key Key.png

Used on a single Door in the building where it was found.

Key Card KeyCard.png

Coming soon.

Laptop Laptop.png

Remotely hacks computers.

Lockpick Lockpick.png

Unlocks a single Door.

Magic Lamp MagicLamp.png

Coming soon. It's gonna be fun.

Melee Durability Doubler MeleeDurabilityDoubler.png

Increases the durability of a melee weapon to 200%. (It caps at 200% so use this on a damaged weapon.)

Money Money.png

Primary form of currency in the game.

Portable Sell-O-Matic PortableSellOMatic.png

Allows you to sell many inventory items on the spot, functions the same as the Sell-O-Matic.

Possession Stone Depossessor.png

Possess or depossess a person.

Safe Buster SafeBuster.png

Unlocks a single Safe, the item vanishes if the last stack (at least 1) is used.

Safe Combination Note.png

Used on a single Safe in the building where it was found.

Safe Cracking Tool SafeCrackingTool.png

Unlock any Safe as many times as you want, great combo if you also have the Skeleton Key.

Silencer Silencer.png

Combine with guns to make them completely silent.

Skeleton Key SkeletonKey.png

Unlocks any Door as many times as you want.

Slave Helmet Remote SlaveHelmetRemote.png

Creates an Explosion, destroying its associated Slave Helmet and the person who is wearing it.

Slave Helmet Remover SlaveHelmetRemover.png

Safely removes a Slave Helmet from a person's head.

Teleporter Teleporter.png

Teleports a person to a random location in the stage and uses the item.

Time Bomb TimeBomb.png

Creates an Explosion 10 seconds after being placed on the ground.

Voodoo Doll VoodooDoll.png

Coming soon.

Warp Zoner WarpZoner.png

Warps the item holder to the next stage;(1 time use.)

Window Cutter WindowCutter.png

Destroys a single Window and vanishes after use.

Passive Items[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Description
Cube of Lampey CubeOfLampey.png

Items will sometimes spawn when Lamps are destroyed, commonly 4 coins.

Four-Leaf Clover FourLeafClover.png

Increases crit chance by 3%. Increases Slot Machine luck by 10%.

Five-Leaf Clover FiveLeafClover.png

Increases crit chance by 5%. Increases Slot Machine luck by 20%.

Six-Leaf Clover SixLeafClover.png

Increases crit chance by 7%. Increases Slot Machine luck by 30%.

Kill Profiter KillProfiter.png

Rewards $5 whenever the item holder kills a person.

Kill Ammunizer KillProfiter.png

Rewards 4 ammo whenever the item holder kills a person.

Mini Fridge MiniFridge.png

Increases health benefits of food items by 20%.

Property Deed PropertyDeed.png

Allows the the item holder to destroy or raid any property on the Stage where it was obtained without repercussions.

Quick Escape Teleporter QuickEscapeTeleporter.png

If the item holder's health drops to 15 or lower, they will be teleported to a random location in the stage that is at least a certain distance away from their current location.

Translator Translator.png

Allows a person to speak with Gorillas, or vice versa.

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Status Effect
Cigarettes Cigarettes.png


Cocaine Cocaine.png


Cocktail Cocktail.png


Cologne Cologne.png


Critter Upper CritterUpper.png

Always Crit

Electro Pill ElectroPill.png

Electro Touch

First Aid Kit FirstAidKit2.png

+50 Hp

Giantizer Giantizer.png


Rage Poison RagePoison.png


Resurrection Shampoo ResurrectionShampoo.png


Shrinker Shrinker.png


Steroids Steroids.png


Syringe Syringe.png


Food and Drink[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Hit Points
Bacon Cheeseburger BaconCheeseburger.png


Banana Banana.png


Beer Beer.png


Ham Sandwich HamSandwich.png


Whiskey Whiskey.png


Quest Items[edit | edit source]

Name Icon
Blueprints Blueprints.png
Briefcase Briefcase.png
Circuit Board CircuitBoard.png
Evidence Evidence.png
Hard Drive HardDrive.png
Incriminating Photo IncriminatingPhoto.png
Macguffin Muffin (no you can't eat it...Sadly..) MacguffinMuffin.png
Signed Baseball SignedBaseball.png
Tooth Tooth.png
Will Will.png
Big Bomb BigBomb.png