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Name Description
Break Out of Prison

Release 1 or more people from their cells.


Destroy an object.

Destroy All

Destroy multiple objects.

Destroy and Retrieve Item

Destroy an object, and retrieve an item that was inside that object.

Find Bombs

Retrieve several Big Bombs from different locations throughout the stage.

Free Slave

Release a Slave from captivity by purchasing and releasing them, or neutralizing their Slavemasters.


Kill or knock out a person.

Neutralize All

Kill or knock out multiple people.


Interact with 1 or more objects.

Plant Item

Interact with an object while holding an item given to you by the mission giver.


Release a prisoner from the cell and escort them to the entrance Elevator or the mission giver.

Retrieve Item from Chest

Retrieve an item from a chest.

Retrieve Item from Person

Retrieve an item from a person by neutralizing them, bribing with money or another item, or threatening them successfully.

BIG MISSIONS?? (Coming Soon)

Predictions: A class mission for the whole floor ie. Bartender: Serve a drink to everyone on the floor

A mission that you have to complete to 'win' the run.

A mission you must complete to go to the last floor.