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Mutators[edit | edit source]

Mutators are some "gamemode" you can unlock while playing. Most of them are free at the begining.

No Gun[edit | edit source]

While this mutators is on, the gun will totally deseaper. Goon, bartender and Shopkeeper will bear melee weapons instead. You won't be able to obtain guns, whatever the way (missions won't give gun, spawning items will not contain guns etc...)

N.B. Completing the game with No Gun will unlock the Mutators Rocket Chaos

No melee weapon[edit | edit source]

While this mutators is on, he only way to fight will be arms. Yes, welcome to punch club ;) However, gun were be still presennt (which is a little bit unfair)

N.B. You can activate both No Gun and No melee weapon to create a peaceful world :)

Rocket Chaos[edit | edit source]

EVERYONE will spawn with a rocket launcher. That Mutator make the game pretty much intensive, especially when the disaster Riot is on :p N.B. you cannot activate both No Gun and Rocket Chaos (that make no sense :/ )

Everyone Hates You[edit | edit source]

All NPC will start being Hostile. The Bartender trait will be ... useless.

Tip : Activate Everyone Hates You and Rocket Chaos will allow you to win the game pretty easly. Or maybe die, depending on your skill.

Time Limit[edit | edit source]

Being in a same level more than 4 min will destroy you. Because I have no time for games

N.B. Completing the game with time limite will unlock the Mutators Extra Time Limit (2min30 max instead of 4)

New character every level[edit | edit source]

All is in the title. You keep your inventory, xp and level but don't get the starting items

Sandbox mode[edit | edit source]

The sandbox mode gives you a special item at the start of the run. This item is nondropable, nonmoveable but with infinite uses. This item allow you to obtain any obtain you have unlock yet (except food).

Mission are also diseable in sandbox, so you can teleport to the elevator at any time (Go go rush the game)