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Mutators[edit | edit source]

Mutators are modifiers you can unlock while playing. While most of them are unlocked at the beginning some have to be unlocked.

No Guns[edit | edit source]

While this mutator is on no guns will spawn or be used by enemies, thus making them impossible to obtain.

N.B. Completing the game with the No Gun Mutator enabled will unlock the Mutator Rocket Chaos.

No melee weapon[edit | edit source]

This mutator is very similar to the previous mutator, but now melee weapons will no longer spawn or be used by enemies.

Rocket Chaos[edit | edit source]

All characters including the player spawn with rocket launchers, a fun modifier for quick games.

Everyone Hates You[edit | edit source]

All NPC's will spawn as hostile to the player, this makes it impossible to get followers (It may be possible to obtain them with the friend phone and clone machine however).

Time Limit[edit | edit source]

Being in a same level more than 4 minutes will cause the player to die immediately.

N.B. Completing the game with time limit will unlock the Mutator Extra Time Limit (2 minutes and 30 seconds max instead of 4 minutes)

New character every level[edit | edit source]

Though quite self explanatory, after each level you will be assigned a new character while retaining your inventory and perks you got from leveling up, while losing any perks and abilities you started with as your previous character.

Sandbox mode[edit | edit source]

The sandbox mode gives you a special item at the start of the run. This item is non-droppable and non-movable but has unlimited uses. This item allow you to obtain any item from the quest reward item pool that you currently have unlocked.

Mission are also disabled in sandbox mode , so you can teleport to the exit elevator at any time.

Also, the mutator Sandbox works as Endless : after completing the level 3-3, you will be teleported to the level 1-1.

Note, you can't unlock anything in sandbox mode.