Air Filtration System

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Air Filtration System


Object Type: Usable
Damage Threshold: 30
Insert a consumable to cause Gas with its status effect to emit from the building's Gas Vents.

The Air Filtration System is linked to Gas Vents. You can insert a consumable which causes a Status effect to emit Gas through the Gas Vents for a few seconds. As this action isn't legal cops and the building owners will attack on sight.

A Character with Tech Expert can either interact or hack the computer in order to release gas without using an item, this however can only be done once per Computer (Default characters include Scientist and Hacker) The Gas will inflict 15 seconds of poisoned dealing 2 damage per second, totaling 30 damage. The duration of poisoned will be increased by Longer Status Effects. Should you be poisoned already when walking into the gas then the duration will NOT be renewed.

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