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To see how to spawn an Alien, go to Satellite Dish.



Endurance: 3
Melee: 1 (Near Harmless)
Firearms: 4 (Near Harmless)
Speed: 3
Special Ability
MindControl.png Mind Control
Vocally Challenged
Slippery Target
Fireproof Skin
Big Quest
Homeward Bound
After crash landing in the city, the Alien took one look around and exclaimed "UiMeRmo bOdEgIz", which translates roughly to "I feel really sick from that flight, but I'm going to try to hold in my stomach so as not to make a bad first impression." The effort was a failure. Fortunately, the Resistance took pity on the Alien despite the terrible faux pas, and is helping them get back to their home planet.

The Alien is a NPC and playable character in Streets of Rogue. They are distinctively different to other characters, having grey skin, no clothes, a large round head, and pure black eyes.

The alien is unlocked upon purchasing the Character Pack DLC.

NPC[edit | edit source]

The Alien NPC is only found in Uptown when spawned with a Satellite Dish. They aren't able to be generated naturally. The Tech Expert trait or a Wrench is required in order to spawn the alien.

When spawned, the Alien will be neutral to everyone it sees. It will spawn no items on it, but will pick them up like other NPCs.

As the trait Vocally Challenged would suggest, the Alien cannot speak, and will only provide gibberish when interacted with. However, using a Translator will allow you to understand it.

The Alien is unaffected by mind altering items such as a Hypnotizer or Haterator, but can be affected by items like Rage Poison or the Satellite's Happy Waves.

Tips and stratagies[edit | edit source]

  • How to fight: You can't use any weapons nor can you remove Near-harmless, making direct combat impossible. You can hire NPC's to fight for you or you can use Mind control and trick NPC's into fighting each other.
  • Give any weapons you acquired to party members or sell them.
  • Removing Vocally Challenged or acquiring a Translator gives you more options to approaching mission.
  • NPC's that are released from mind control will become hostile towards you which can cause issues so it's best to kill your NPC's by attacking generators, falling into pits, or throwing them into fights rather than release them or release them away from you so they don't spot you and chase after you.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "ErSdtAdt yUrUmi." (Generic chat as non-Alien character or without a Translator)
  • "Hello earthling. It's pretty dope that you understand me. Your city is still a dump." (Generic chat with a Translator)
  • "Sup homie." (Generic chat as an Alien)
  • "ErSdtAdt hOmbAseY." (Generic chat at the Homebase)
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