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Endurance: 1
Melee: 1
Firearms: 2
Speed: 4
Special Ability
Camouflage.png Camouflage
Starting Items
Frameless Sword
Frameless EarWarp Whistle
Frameless Shuriken (10)
Frameless Quick Escape Teleporter
Big Quest
Silent But Deadly
Stealthily moves through the shadows and murders people from behind. One day dreamed of assassinating a president or military leader, but has so far had to settle for rich old ladies and the occasional rich feline heir. Hey, a job's a job! When the Assassin heard about the growing unrest against the mayor, a murderous spirit within was renewed!

The Assassin is a both an NPC and playable character in Streets of Rogue. The Assassin wears black robes and a red band around their head. Their appearance matches a ninja, and they also have ninja-like weapons. The Assassin is unlocked by beating a level without killing anyone and alerting anyone.

NPC[edit | edit source]

The Assassin is an NPC that you won't find often, as they can only appear if you decide to not pay your debt to banks. If you decide not to pay your Debts, a group of Assassins will come and try to kill you. They will always have Swords.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • How to fight: The Assassin has low health and standard attack damage. You won't do much against a group of people when fighting in the open. Take advantage of your stealth and use your ability Camouflage often. Avoid fights when not necessary, except for an isolated person. Remember to always Backstab people when possible (x2 damage or x10 when camouflaged). If you want to backstab someone, use Camouflage before attacking to get x10 damage, and use your fist to not waste durability on melee weapons. Camouflage is only removed when you perform an attack that isn't a successful backstab.
  • How to finish a mission: Assassins can easily finish any mission without alerting anyone (this bonus will give you +100 extra xp) thanks to Camouflage. If you can't reach a button or want to distract someone, use your Shurikens.
    • A very useful technique to pass through Steel Doors is to knock on the door and then use Camouflage. When the owner opens the door, they'll see no one and turn back inside. Carefully follow them without touching them, and they won't close the door behind them, allowing them to be safely backstabbed.
    • Use your EarWarp Whistle to break things without alerting the owner (Camera or Doors)
  • If you do make a horrible mistake, your Quick Escape Teleporter will save you and teleport you to a safe zone. Though you might end up a bad position with your low health.
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