Augmentation Booth

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Augmentation Booth


Object Type: Usable
Damage Threshold: 30
Used to upgrade, remove, or swap Traits.

Augmentation Booth is a Vending Machine which is used to upgrade, remove, or swap Traits for Money.

Upgrade[edit | edit source]

Upgrading a trait will change the trait into a more powerful version of itself. This is usually denoted by adding a "+" to the end of it's name to signify it's improvement. For example, Banana Lover increases the healing provided by Bananas by 2X. When upgraded, it becomes "Banana Lover +" which increases the healing provided by Bananas by 4X. In some cases, the upgrading the trait might completely change it into a different trait with a similar function. For example, upgrading Team Building Expert changes it into Army of Five. Negative traits and some positive traits cannot be upgraded.

Remove[edit | edit source]

Only Traits with a negative Custom Character Point Value can be removed. Once removed, the character will no longer suffer the downsides of the trait. However, not all negative traits can be removed.

Swap[edit | edit source]

Swapping a trait will trade the chosen trait for a different trait with the same Custom Character Point Value. Because of this, you cannot use an Augmentation Booth to turn a negative trait into a positive trait. Nearly all Traits can be swapped but only if there is at least one other trait with the same Custom Character Point Value. For example, neither Fair Game or Bloodlust can be swapped because no other traits exist with the Custom Character Point Value of -10 and 16, respectively.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Using the Augmentation Booth costs Money. While the costs can be expensive, the prices do not increase as the game goes on. Swapping a trait in the Slums costs the same as in Uptown. The costs to use the Augmentation Booth are calculated as follows:

Below is a quick reference table for Augmentation Booth costs.

Point Value Upgrade Remove Swap
-10 - 1500 Money.png 750 Money.png
-8 - 1200 Money.png 600 Money.png
-6 - 1500 Money.png 450 Money.png
-5 - 750 Money.png 375 Money.png
-4 - 600 Money.png 300 Money.png
-3 - 450 Money.png 225 Money.png
-2 - 300 Money.png 150 Money.png
-1 - 150 Money.png 75 Money.png
2 225 Money.png - 70 Money.png
3 375 Money.png - 105 Money.png
5 525 Money.png - 175 Money.png
7 750 Money.png - 245 Money.png
10 750 Money.png - 350 Money.png
16 1200 Money.png - 560 Money.png

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • I don't have any traits I can upgrade. (No upgradeable traits)
  • I don't have any traits I can remove. (No removeable traits)
  • I don't have any traits I can swap. (No swapable traits)