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Custom Character Point Value: -9
Upgrade: No
Remove: No
Swap: No
You are being followed by a musician that you must protect. And must follow the musician's demands.
You are responsible for the well-being of an extremely important Musician who will follow you everywhere, and probably not cause and trouble whatsoever.

Bodyguard is a negative trait in Streets of Rogue. With it, the player is constantly being followed by an aligned and famous Musician. You will also get a Electro Tether Vest and a Blood Transfusion Kit in your inventory, both items cannot be dropped or removed.

The Musician will sometimes demand to be taken to a Toilet, ATM, Shopkeeper, Bartender or Drug Dealer. Taking too long will cause them to get frustrated and after more time has passed they will either go themselves or attack the player out of rage.

If the player manages to get them to a ATM, Shopkeeper, Bartender or a Drug dealer quickly they will be rewarded with Money and Items sold by the Shopkeeper and from the Bartender and Drug Dealer respectively.

The Musician also has a chance to make "Fans" to join your party. This includes owners of buildings, Cops and Goons. And they will be Loyal towards you and the Musician, unless you do something they don't like or join the Musician attacking the player, if you ignore the demands.

Special Traits[edit | edit source]

Obtainment[edit | edit source]