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Endurance: 4
Melee: 3
Firearms: 3
Speed: 2
Special Ability
Stomp.png Stomp
No In-Fighting
Disturbing Facial Expressions
Starting Items
Frameless Electro Tether Vest
Frameless Blood Transfusion Kit
Frameless Mini Fridge
Frameless Baseball Bat
Big Quest
The Bouncer has finally hit pay dirt, having been hired by a major record label to escort one of their biggest stars to Mayor Village. Unfortunately, the pair have gotten off on the wrong foot, following a heated argument about whether nu-metal is dead or just hibernating. This resulted in the Bouncer picking up a cookie and threatening to do something very vulgar with it "BizKit style". Will these two mismatched partners ever see eye to eye?

The Bouncer is an NPC and playable character in Streets of Rogue. On April 29th 2020, the Bouncer was released to be playable alongside five other characters as part of the Character Pack DLC.

NPC[edit | edit source]

The Bouncer is an NPC that will often spawn with a melee weapon. He is always protecting a "Staff Only Door" or a Blue Laser in Uptown. If you are trying to enter the buildings without bribing them, he will instantly attack you and alert the owner. You can bribe them with Beer, Whiskey, money or items. Once bribed, you can enter inside without getting attacked. He is the fattest character in the game.

Playable Character[edit | edit source]

  • You're fairly slow, but stomp can give you a head-start if you need to run or to start fights.
  • The Musician should be your top priority in terms of finishing the level, this can cause you to get sidetracked often.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • The Bouncer has decent stats, and is pretty good at fighting. Avoid a fight whenever possible, as bribing them is easier and safer. Remember that the Bouncer will still protect the establishment's owner even if bribed, so try to maintain discretion when entering the building.
  • The Bartender doesn't need to bribe them.
  • Cologne makes Bouncers friendly, making them act like they were bribed.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Guarding a Entrance:[edit | edit source]

  • None shall pass!... without cash. Then you can pass.
  • Where ya think you're going?
  • You got any booze? I'm bored.
  • This job is nowhere near as mentally stimulating as it looks.
  • Do you like my suit? It's plum!
  • Talking to a Bouncer Guarding a Entrance with Blue Laser: I can keep your weapons safe while ya go in.

Upon being Bribed or being paid:[edit | edit source]

  • If player is alone: Alright, you're cool.
  • If player has followers in the party: Alright, you and your friends are cool.
  • Talking to the Bouncer after bribing: You're good, go right ahead.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Bouncer used to wear a black suit rather than a plum suit in Early Development builds of the game.
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