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Custom Character Point Value: 7
Action Bar: No
Cooldown: 15
Charge-Up: No
Become Invisible for 10 seconds. Canceled by most major actions or if harmed.
Invisible for a short period. Canceled by most actions. Cannot be activated when in view of non-followers. Successful backstabs retain invisibility.

Camouflage is a Special Ability in Streets of Rogue used by the Assassin or any Custom Character. Upon use, it renders the player Invisible for 10 seconds, allowing them to stealthily move about without alerting anyone. The ability can only be activated if hidden from anyone that is not Aligned or Loyal. However, the majority of other actions will cut the invisibility period short with the following exceptions:

  • Successfully performing a Backstab
  • Opening doors
  • Pressing buttons
  • Picking up, dropping or using items

In addition, you will lose your invisibility if run into any NPC that is not Aligned towards you.

Special Ability Traits[edit | edit source]

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