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Endurance: 2
Melee: 3
Firearms: 2
Speed: 2
Special Ability
Cannibalize.png Cannibalize
Strict Cannibal
Starting Items
Frameless Axe
Frameless Bear Trap (5)
Big Quest
Acquired Tastes
The result of inbreeding, toxic sludge, and internet videos of animals being kept in tiny cramped spaces before being turned into fast food. The Cannibal finds it morally unjustifiable to eat animal meat, but it's just so tasty! There is only so much tofu one can take before they snap. Fun fact: Human meat is apparently very sweet tasting.

The Cannibal is a both an NPC and playable character in Streets of Rogue. They have overalls with only 1 suspender, and their face is asymmetrical, with one eye far lower than the other.

They can be unlocked by killing 20 NPCs on a single level.

NPC[edit | edit source]

The Cannibals are your main threat in the Park. There will be groups of them within houses, caves, and hedge mazes. They carry Axes as their main weapon and can do a lot of damage. In other areas of the Park, they hide in bushes and will jump out when you get close. These Cannibals don't have a "home," so they will constantly follow you. Cannibals can also appear in Downtown by hiding in Manholes and attacking you as you walk by.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cannibal became a playable character in build 25.
  • Before the Cannibal was made a playable character they had the traits Low-Cost Jobs, Strong Lunge, and E_Dumb. Why these traits were removed before the release of them being a playable character is unknown.
  • In an earlier version of the Cannibal, their eyes drooped much further down.
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