Chicken Nugget

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Chicken Nuggets


Item Type: Tools
A secondary currency used to unlock new items and traits.
Exchange these for cool stuff in the Home Base.

Chicken Nuggets are a second currency, the first being money. Chicken Nuggets are used to unlock new Item Rewards and Traits at Home Base. They are received from doing Optional Missions and Leveling Up in-game, and are permanent currency unlike money, which is lost once you die.

Story[edit | edit source]

In the plot, Chicken Nuggets were banned by the mayor after suffering from a stomach ache from eating them. The Chicken Nuggets soon become a currency throughout the city, and the Resistance can give you extra things for trading them in.

Obtainment[edit | edit source]

Task Reward
Completion of an Optional Mission 5ChickenNugget.png
Your character levels up in a run. 3ChickenNugget.png

Uses[edit | edit source]

Chicken Nuggets can be traded in with a variety of people.

  • Reward Thief - Gets you new Reward Items.
  • Trait Doctor - Gets you new traits to choose when you level up.
  • Loadout Soldier.pngLoadout Soldier - Allows you to buy items to start with for your next run only

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You can carry up to 99 Chicken Nuggets at once.
  • If you have the max amount of chicken nuggets, Optional missions will provide Reward Items instead of Chicken Nuggets.