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This is the Community Tips page. On this page, you can add a section for yourself and add your own tips for people to see.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Mister Aqua[edit | edit source]

  • Every character has different abilities and a different way to play. Play at least once on every character and don't judge on appearance.
  • In order to unlock the Werewolf, you should unlock the Scientist first and use the Ghost Gibber to kill a ghost.
  • Use the Bartender to complete a stage without alerting anyone and without killing to unlock Assassin.
  • In situations, there is often a "good choice". There is no "wrong choice" but everyone has a "good choice" to do. This "good choice" depends on your preference.

Ilyanc[edit | edit source]

  • Never go in a place without a plan, even if it is just to jump in guns blazing.

TRange77[edit | edit source]

  • As a Gangster, utilize your fellow members whenever possible. If you don't have a Friend Phone, explore the floor and you might find some willing to help out.
  • As a Shopkeeper, take advantage of your bargaining abilities. Sometimes it is easier to buy keys and safe combinations than fight through a bunch of goons.
  • Before entering a densely-populated building, you may want to inflict a status effect through the air vent to increase your odds against the inhabitants.

AlAtEX[edit | edit source]

  • As a Vampire, look for people who enter empty rooms then kill them, as Bite is a very powerful ability. Know how to safely lower your health to bite everybody.

Donkek[edit | edit source]

  • As a Cop, always try to get out of LOS or knock on the door so as soon as they enter you can arrest them, getting a free kill.

Lancelot009[edit | edit source]

  • Always keep some food on you, just in case.

ShaneHelpsPeople[edit | edit source]

  • If you are struggling to win in any case, play Assassin because you can clear entire floors and murder everything and everyone way too fast, looting everything and every person alive on the floor.
    • With a simple Camouflage and backstab punch with your bare hands, you can send someone through a wall or two dealing 50 damage. Ff you had a successful backstab, you stay cloaked as well so you can flee from the area and wait a bit for your ability to recharge. This makes lots of weapons useless, but you should still hold on to weapons in case you miss a backstab or two.
    • You can't backstab someone with their back to the wall, even though you can go behind them with a nice amount of room, the hitbox occurs in front of the enemy, de-cloaking you and making you get punched, stabbed, or shot easily.
    • You can get a quick kill with the Assassin if you go to someone's house and do this in order:
      • Knock on the door (must be locked)
      • Cloak when they near the door, and walk against the door and right as it opens.
      • Walk past them and hit their back with a melee weapon. Now you're in their house!
  • When you're inside someone's house, or in any building, always loot the Refrigerator for food.

TFF[edit | edit source]

OvoFox11[edit | edit source]

  • If you're playing as a class with an insta-kill Special Ability that needs to be activated from behind, like the Doctor, an easy way to take out NPCs standing with their back to a wall is to punch the wall next to them. This will make them turn towards the place you attacked, but they will not get agitated. Then, slip behind them while they stare at the wall and take them out.
  • A great trick that I use often is to knock on a door, wait for the person inside to look out and turn around, and then slip through the door behind them. They won't see you come inside and you have now entered a room with a locked door without alerting or killing anybody.

Andre_Marcon[edit | edit source]

  • On multiplayer, a very powerful strategy is having a Vampire or a Cannibal as partner, so one player can have all the food and medical items while the other goes around eating people.
  • In early game, save your hard earned chicken nuggets to buy some expensive rewards, such as Kill Ammunizer, Kill Healthenizer and Kill Profiter. These passive items make your journey much easier on the long term, and unlocking them earlier you have a higher probability of getting these items as Mission Rewards.
  • When playing with a character with abilities you must activate from behind, such as Bite or Chloroform Hankie, the best gift your luck can give you is Freeze Ray. With this weapon, you can easily use your special ability even on hostile NPCs.
  • Playing as the Hacker, always remember to modify prices on vending machines before using them.
  • Remember you can always give weapons and health items to your followers, so they can inflict higher damage and last longer. You can take clones to the next level, but hired people are left behind when you enter the elevator.

Cf27n01[edit | edit source]

  • When playing as the Hacker, a good tip is to hide in a building close-by to a object that can be remotely hacked. This is because if the owner of the object is alerted, they'll only check around the perimeter of their building and will not see you hiding in another building. Be sure to get close enough to still be able to remote hack, you can even press yourself up against the wall if needed. Every NPC (Apart from Cop) that is not the owner of the object that you are hacking will ignore you while you are doing so.
  • (A few people mentioned this strategy already) If you cannot get behind someone in order to use a special ability like Sticky Glove or Chloroform Hankie, try punching the wall near them, this should make them temporarily turn to you giving you enough time to take advantage of their now exposed back. NOTE: Be careful to not punch objects that are not walls. If you do, the owners of the building will come and investigate the noise, this might make them Annoyed with you or even Hostile.
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