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Character Creation was a feature added in Alpha 30, and drastically improved upon in Alpha 31, which allows players to create their own custom characters. To access this the player must be in Home Base and then must go up to the elevator, then below there are 16 silhouette's of characters. Click on one and it will bring you to the character creation screen.

Creating a Custom Character[edit | edit source]

For a step by step guide to the character creation, see Custom Character Beginner's Guide

Creating a custom character can be divided into several different parts:

Panel Description Notes
Name & Description Give the character a name and description. Description is optional.
Appearance Change how the character will look in game.
Attributes Improve Endurance, Melee, Firearms and Speed. Each starts at 1 and can be raised to a max of 4.
Special Ability Choose a special ability for the character. Optional.
Traits Pick positive and negative traits for the character. Limit of 8 traits for non-overpowered characters.
Items Select the character's starting items. Limit of 8 different items for non-overpowered characters.
Big Quests Choose a big quest for the character. Optional.

Points and Character Balance[edit | edit source]

As the name implies, Custom Characters can be customized with a wide variety of different attributes, traits, items, and special abilities. However, there is a limit to how much you can improve a custom character. Raising an attribute costs 2 points per increase and every item, trait, and special ability has a Custom Character Point Value (CCPV) associated with it. If a custom character's point cost exceeds 20 or has too many items or traits, they will be considered to be an "Overpowered Character". An overpowered character can still be created and played but will be unable to collect Chicken Nuggets, unlock content, or earn Achievements. "Overpowered Character" will also be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen as if you were playing with a mutator. The upper right side of the character creation screen shows these limits which include:

  • 20 or less overall points.
  • 8 or less traits.
  • 8 or less different items.

Saving and Loading Custom Characters[edit | edit source]

Once you have set up your custom character, you will need to save your character. They will now appear on the character selection screen in the custom character slot you chose. You can play the custom character as you would any other class or you can go back and edit the character to make additional changes.

While there are only 16 custom character slots, you can create and store an unlimited number of saved custom characters. Saved characters are not deleted if they are removed from the character select screen and remain until they are manually deleted or overridden when another character with the same Name is saved. Custom character slots can be used to load previously saved custom character by editing the slot, selecting Load Character, and saving the loaded character.

Character Creation Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Custom Characters can be built to do anything you want, but they cannot be good at everything at the same time. It's better to focus on a theme or few specific areas when making a character.
  • Custom Characters can have Big Quests but get no Super Special Ability bonus upon completing it like normal characters do.
  • Traits with a negative point cost lower a Custom Character's points, allowing them to utilize more abilities or items. These still count towards the 8 trait limit however.
  • Moving with Speed 1 is slow. For average movement speed, use Speed 2.
  • If a Special Ability or Trait lists something as recommended, it typically means you need the recommended thing in order to get use out of the Ability or Trait.
  • On the other hand, certain Special Abilities and Traits can cancel each other out if they aren't meant to work together.
  • An overpowered custom character can be useful for testing out game mechanics and custom character ideas.
  • Upon purchasing the DLC pack, you will get more special abilities, traits and items.
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