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Endurance: 2
Melee: 2
Firearms: 2
Speed: 2
Blaster Survivor
Master of Disaster
Tech Expert
Starting Items
Frameless Bomb Processor

Frameless Land Mine (3)
Frameless Door Detonator (3)
Frameless Remote Bomb Trigger
Frameless Remote Bomb (3)
Frameless Explodevice

Big Quest
Rubble Rouser
Why build when you can destroy? After flunking out of architecture school in their second to last semester. The Demolitionist has spent the past few years taking their revenge on every standing structure in sight. Upon becoming Mayor. The Demolitionist hopes to take aim at the real enemy by canceling all student loan debt.

The Demolitionist is a playable character in Streets of Rouge, and is unlocked by purchasing the Character Pack DLC on steam.

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • How to fight: The Demolitionist can use remote bombs in fights, and most enemies will die from 2 bombs so be sure to use it in a large group of people.
  • Don't bother with using Window Cutters or Lockpicks, make your own entrance!
  • Too many items? Turn them into bombs!
  • An effective way to handle the Demolitionist's big quest is to not worry about actively seeking out buildings to destroy, and just blow up as much as you can during missions. Playing this way will only leave you to have to destroy only a few walls.
    • Burning walls also contributes to your big quest.
  • Burning Bullets, Blaster Master, and Walls' Worst Nightmare are three of the most useful traits for causing damage.
  • Focus on setting explosives near generators and trip wires to cause bigger explosions.
  • Grenades are a great starting tool if you choose to spend nuggets before starting the game.
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