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Endurance: 2
Melee: 1
Firearms: 2
Speed: 2
Special Ability
ChloroformHankie.png Chloroform Hankie
Medical Professional
Starting Items
Frameless Tranquilizer Gun
Frameless First Aid Kit
Frameless EarWarp Whistle (3)
Big Quest
Purveyor of Peace
One of the few true pacifists in this dangerous world. Indeed, the Doctor is very skilled at 'pacifying' people. With chloroform. But business is currently booming, what with all the beating being administered by Cops since the Mayor's new "Law of the Land" was put in place. Despite the extra cash flow, the Doctor would rather the streets be safe, and has decided to join the Resistance.

The Doctor is a both an NPC and playable character in Streets of Rogue. They are a starting character. They have the unique ability, Chloroform Hankie, that can instantly knockout unaware NPCs. They wear typical doctor clothes, along with a head mirror. They are the only playable character that starts with the Pacifist trait.

NPC[edit | edit source]

The doctor is most often found in a Hospital, which has a distinct checkerboard-like tile pattern. A doctor never carries any weapon of sort. Despite being a pacifist, a Doctor will attack you with their fists if necessary.

When interacted with, you can

Drops[edit | edit source]

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • How to fight: What makes the Doctor unique from other characters is the trait Pacifist. They cannot use most weapons that deal damage, including Banana Peels. This basically forces the Doctor to play as a stealth character and not doing so could ruin your run very quickly. Use Chloroform Hankie to instantly neutralize any person from behind and the Tranquilizer Gun, a silent weapon that can knockout a target after a short delay. Hiring party members and giving them strong weapons is also a good way to handle combat if you cannot avoid it.
    • With an Augmentation Booth, you can get rid of the Pacifist trait, be able to use weapons such as guns and batons, while keeping your knockout ability. It is quite expensive however, costing you $300 to swap and $600 to remove, and kinda counterproductive towards your Big Quest.
    • Even with Pacifist, you can still attack with your Fists. Considering your Melee stat is 1,however, only use it in desperate situations because you won't survive against bat-wielding goons.
    • You should try to get a Taser as it will electrocute an enemy allowing you to Chloroform Hankie them. Just make sure NOT to do it in front of their Aligned friends as they'll try to give you a knuckle sandwich. Keep in mind the Taser doesn't have a cooldown on effect - it works instantly. Use it on isolated people...
  • How to finish a mission: Use Chloroform Hankie whenever possible to eliminate enemies but don't forget about your Tranquilizer Gun. Sometimes it might be better to bribe mission targets if you cannot complete a mission without starting a fight. You could even hire gangsters to do it, but don't hang around where the fighting is!
  • The knockout delay on the Tranquilizer Gun can be used to your advantage to knockout groups of enemies. Because it is silent and the target will not be alerted if you are not in their line of sight, you can shoot a target unnoticed and then run away before they are knocked out. Aligned foes that see the target get knocked out will be alerted and search for you but they will be unable to find you, provided you are hidden. After a short time, they will return to normal and you can repeat the tactic again if needed.
  • When knocking out 2 character simultaneously, shoot 1 of them unnoticed and knock out the other with Chloroform Hankie. If timed right nobody will notice and you will get the 'No one alerted' bonus (if it's for a mission).
  • Since you can't use any weapons, always choose traits with no relation to melee or gun weapons. For example, Team Building Expert goes well with Medical Professional. However you can still stockpile weapons for your fighting minions to use. Know their class strengths and weaknesses: are they good at melee? Hand them a bat! If your minions have a weapon already there's no need to give them anything.
  • If you prefer to go it alone, selling weapons such as bats and guns to the Sell-O-matic can land a decent profit.
  • The inability to use most firearms (aside from the Tranquilizer Gun, Leafblower and Taser) makes the Doctor's level 2 Firearms skill fairly useless. In fact, it's better to manually aim the Tranquilizer Gun instead of relying on auto-aim due to the how expensive it is to refill.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

General chat:[edit | edit source]

  • I'm no plastic surgeon, but I can be for the right price!
  • I heal, and I keep it real!
  • I don't have the cure for a broken heart, why does everyone ask about that?
  • Three days without an accident, gotta keep it going!
  • Interested in a bootleg colostomy bag?

Healing the Player:[edit | edit source]

  • There ya go, all patched up!
  • If player has full health: You look fine, stop being a wussy!
  • If player is a Vampire or has Jugularious: Sorry, can't help you. My training didn't cover the undead.

Giving a Bloodbag:[edit | edit source]

  • Here's a bag of your own blood, enjoy!

At the Homebase:[edit | edit source]

  • I know your body better than you do!... That sounded weird...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Doctor once started with an item called Body Vanishing Salt.
  • While the Doctor has the Pacifist trait, they will still attempt to kill you with their fists if you make them Hostile.
  • After a patch it is now possible for Doctor players to use Blood bags unassisted, however you will still need Doctor NPC's to create Blood bags.
  • The Doctor possessing the "Pacifist" trait may be a reference to the Hippocratic Oath, which states that medical professionals are to "Do no harm" under penalty of being stripped of their medical license.
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