Door Detonator

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Door Detonator


Item Type: Tools
Value: $50
Custom Character Point Value: 2
Custom Character Amount: 2
Can be attached to a locked Door. If the Door is opened or damaged, the detonator will create an Explosion.
Place this on a locked door. Agitate the door in some way. BAM, big explosion that can destroy even steel doors.

The Door Detonator is a tool in Streets of Rogue. It is a type of explosion item that can be placed on any locked door, steel or not. It will explode after 10 seconds like a Time Bomb, or it will explode when the door is opened. It also explodes when hit. It is a starting item of the Soldier.

By interacting with or hacking an already placed Door Detonator, the player can attempt to disarm it. The chance to disarm a Door Detonator is 50% by default or a 100% if the player has Tech Expert. Failing to disarm a Door Detonator will cause it to explode and cause a high amount of damage. Players have about 1 second to run away before the explosion occurs.

Obtain[edit | edit source]