EMP Grenade

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EMP Grenade


Item Type: Thrown Weapon
Value: $15
Custom Character Point Value: 1
Custom Character Amount: 3
Creates an explosion that doesn't directly harm anything, however will disable electric devices.
Shuts down electronics of all varieties.

The EMP Grenade is a thrown weapon in Streets of Rogue capable of disabling most electronic devices when set off. Devices such as generators will not be shutdown, instead will explode after 10 seconds of the bomb going off.

Disables[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Information
Alarm Button AlarmButton.png Disables
Ammo Dispenser AmmoDispenser.png Disables
Arcade Game ArcadeGame.png Disables hacking option
ATM ATMMachine.png Disables
Augmentation Booth AugmentationBooth.png Disables
Clone Machine CloneMachine.png Disables
Computer Computer.png Opens all locked safes and doors as well as turning off the security system
Cop Bot CopBot.png Instantly kills
Fire-Spewer FireSpewer.png Disables
Generator Generator.png Causes a 10 second countdown before it explodes
Goodie Dispenser GoodieDispenser.png Disables
Killer Robot KillerRobot.png Paralyses and deals 100 damage.
Laser Emitter LaserEmitter.png Disables
Overclocked Generator OverclockedGenerator1.png Causes a 10 second countdown before it explodes
Police Box PoliceBox.png Disables
Refrigerator Refrigerator.png Disables hacking option
Safe Safe.png Disables and unlocks container
Security Camera SecurityCam.png Disables
Sell-O-Matic PawnShopMachine.png Disables
Slave Helmet Slave.png Disables and frees the slave
Slot Machine SlotMachine.png Disables
Switch SwitchBasic.png Activates
Television Television.png Disables hacking option
Turret Turret.png Disables

Obtained[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

When interacting with a disabled machine[edit | edit source]

"It's busted."