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Endurance: 4
Melee: 4
Firearms: 1
Speed: 4
Special Ability
PrimalLunge.png Primal Lunge
Banana Lover
Vocally Challenged
Stubby Fingers
Scientist Slayer
Team Building Expert
Starting Items
Frameless Banana (2)
Big Quest
Hairy Justice
This beast was raised in a science lab and given experimental drugs that made them hyper-intelligent. Lacks the ability to speak English and smells like your Uncle Denny's used toilet brush, but they're super-fast and ridiculously strong. Hates scientists with a burning passion, a sentiment that goes both ways.

The Gorilla is a both an NPC and playable character in Streets of Rogue.

The Gorilla can be unlocked by freeing any Gorilla NPC from a science lab.

NPC[edit | edit source]

Gorillas can spawn on any level, locked in cages inside science labs. These gorillas will become loyal if freed and will immediately attempt to kill any Scientists in the lab, who will in turn, attempt to do the same to the gorillas. Gorillas can also spawn in jungle sections of the Park and will become Annoyed at the player if they enter their home.

Gorillas can be recruited at no cost by a gorilla player and those freed from science labs will automatically join the player's party. Non-gorillas players will need a Translator and a Banana in order to recruit them.

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • How to fight: Gorillas have a large amount of health and hit fairly hard, even without weapons. Start fights with Primal Lunge to do as much damage as possible.
  • How to finish a mission: Vocally Challenged is going to limit your ability to complete missions. Most of the time you will have to fight. However, when it comes to the Gorilla, there is strength in numbers. All gorillas are automatically Loyal to you. Try to go out of your way to keep 3 Gorillas with you if you can.
  • Science labs are great for raiding. The Scientists are a good source for XP, the Gorillas inside cost nothing to recruit, and the fridge in the lab might have a Banana in it.
  • Use Primal Lunge to start fights, attack ranged enemies, or chasing fleeing foes. With the right weapon, the damage might be enough to instantly kill your enemy. You can move and even turn around while charging up Primal Lunge.
  • In addition, using Primal Lunge with a high damage weapon can break walls, windows, and other objects that are normally to strong to destroy outright. Doing this causes a lot of noise however.
  • Find a Translator as soon as possible. Being able to talk means you can buy items from Drug Dealers, get optional missions, and bribe Bouncers.
  • Malodorous is going to keep you from buy items from most shopkeepers, even with a Translator. Remember that you can still buy Bananas from a Loadout-O-Matic machines.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Ook Ook Ook!" (General Chat as non-gorilla or without a Translator)
  • "How do you do on this fine day?" (General Chat as Gorilla or with Translator)
  • "Thank you, my beautiful friend!" (When Rescued from a Science Lab)
  • "Lead the way, my new found chum!" (Agreeing to Join Party)
  • "To be blunt, I would prefer not to, because you are unpleasant." (Declining to Join Party)
  • "I'm afraid not, there are simply too many of you." (Declining to Join Party because of party size)
  • "It has been an honor and a privilege!" (Dismissed from Party)
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