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Endurance: 1
Melee: 1
Firearms: 2
Speed: 3
Special Ability
Laptop.png Laptop
Skinny Nerdlinger
Tech Expert
Starting Items
Frameless Translator
Frameless Hologram Bigfoot (3)
Frameless Quick Escape Teleporter
Big Quest
Hack the Planet
Has ambitions of hacking the planet, but will realistically settle for your parents' webcam. What Hacker worth their weight in salt doesn't want to take down the system? Joining the Resistance was a no-brainer for this societal outcast. Also no-brainers: Cheetos and not showering. .....Stereotypes.

The Hacker is a both an NPC and playable character in Streets of Rogue. They have a red jacket, and wear some funky glasses.

NPC[edit | edit source]

Hackers can be found most area of the game but they are rarer than most NPCs. The player can hire Hackers to hack objects for them, as of Alpha 54. After paying them, you can order them to hack an object for you, as well as giving you options that would be only available to characters with Tech Expert, such as releasing gas and blowing up Televisions. Hackers will stop following you after hacking one device.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • How to fight: The Hacker has some lackluster stats when it comes to pure force. You do better with guns than with melee weapons but you should avoid combat if you can.
  • How to finish a mission: Use your Laptop as much as possible to complete your missions. Learn what you can hack and how to use everything to your advantage. Only fight if you have no other option.
  • Having Tech Expert will allow you to do much more than usual hacking. You can use this to spew gas, change camera targets, activate traps, and more.
  • The Laptop has a 50% chance to sound an alarm. Make sure you are in another building or out of sight, because people will look for you.
    • If you plan on hacking a Turret, remember that you will need to hack the corresponding Security Camera first so the Turret can target NPCs. NPCs are fairly good at destroying turrets before they do too much damage; it's best to use it as a distraction or when coupled with something else, like gas.
    • If you want to hack but know the noise will ruin your plan, consider using a Hacking Tool. It is silent so you don't have to worry about people looking for you.
    • In a pinch, an EarWarp Whistle will allow you to hack without attracting attention.
    • Refrigerators can be hacked to "run," breaking all breakable objects in front of them and dropping food. This is an excellent way to build up food or create entrances to buildings.
  • If you can get it, Nimble Fingers is an incredibly valuable trait for you, since it allows you to hack much more quickly. This both lets you finish before people can find you, and allows you to set off traps and other hazards while enemies are still in a position to get hurt by them.
  • Your Translator allows you to recruit a Gorilla as a follower at the cost of 1 Banana.
  • Your Hologram Bigfoots are much more than just a distraction. Enemies swinging at them will often hit each other, starting an all-out brawl. Just be careful to place them somewhere where many people of differing alignments can see them - attracting both enemies you want to kill and some Cops works particularly well.
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