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Area: 2
Preceding Area: Slums
Following Area Park

"Welcome to the Industrial Zone! We strive to provide a safe working environment for all our expendables!"

The Industrial zone is the second Stage in Streets of Rogue. It is reached by completing the Slums. The first level of Industrial has two quests, while the second and third both have three, unlike Slums.

The Industrial district is presumably where many of the Upper-Crusters' food and luxuries are produced. Players can expect to find large numbers of Workers armed with tools and protective gear, and trap-filled Factories can prove deadly for clumsy explorers.

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Additional Features[edit | edit source]

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • If you have the Toss ability, you can throw Exploding Barrels or Flaming Barrels into Oil to light it on fire.
  • The Gas Mask can really come in handy here, as there are a lot of Gas Vents.
  • Starting a Fire is very easy here, so while playing the Firefighter and you're in a pinch and in need of backup, it is very useful to light up a Fire to bring Firefighters in to assist you
  • Be very wary as there are a lot of Hazards that can catch you off guard.
  • You can use the Mine Carts to your advantage as it deals massive damage to NPCs and can even kill them instantly (only the NPCs with an Endurance stat of 1), though fighting around it can put you in a bad spot and you'll need to be cautious to not be hit by it, try to time your strike to hit your opponent into it.

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