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Frameless Streets of Rogue features a wide variety of items that players can use. Below is a list of all items currently in game.

Melee Weapons[edit | edit source]

Melee weapons are items used at close ranges.

Name Icon Information Attack Type
Axe Axe.png Deals 11 damage. Swing
Baseball Bat BaseballBat.png Deals 8 damage. Swing
Crowbar Crowbar.png

Deal 8 damage; can be used to open locked doors.

Fist Fist.png

Deals 5 damage.

Knife Knife.png

Deals 8 damage.

Police Baton PoliceBaton.png

Deals 8 damage.

Sledgehammer Sledgehammer.png

Deals 15 damage.

Sword Sword.png

Deals 11 damage.

Wrench Wrench.png

Deals 8 damage; can be used to mess with some things.


Projectile Weapons[edit | edit source]

Projectile weapons are items that can be used from a distance.

Name Icon Max Ammo Information Projectile Type
Flamethrower Flamethrower.png 80

Spews fire in rapid succession. Does 3-5 damage per flame.

Freeze Ray FreezeRay.png 10

Fires a special shot that can freeze enemies. Does no damage.

Ice Bullet
Fire Extinguisher FireExtinguisher.png 80 Puts out any fire it contacts. Does no damage. Extinguisher
Ghost Gibber GhostBlaster.png 200

Fires a special ray capable of damaging Ghosts. Cannot damage normal NPCs.

Ghost Gibber Ray
Leafblower LeafBlower.png 200

Blows powerful, rapid gusts of wind that can sweep others away. Does no damage.

Machinegun MachineGun.png 40

Fire bullets in rapid succession with spread. Does 5 damage.

Oil Container OilContainer.png 50 Places oil down on the tile below you. Oil
Pistol Pistol.png 30

Fires a single bullet. Does 5 damage.

Rocket Launcher RocketLauncher.png 8

Fires a rocket. Does 30 damage.

Shotgun Shotgun.png 12

Fires a spray of 3 bullets; 5 damage per bullet.

Shrink Ray ShrinkRay.png 8

Fires a special shot capable of shrinking enemies. Does no damage.

Shrinker Bullet
Taser Taser.png Infinite

Electrocutes enemies. Does no damage.

Electric Burst
Tranquilizer Gun TranquilizerGun.png 10

Fires a dart that tranquilizes enemies. Does no damage.

Tranquilizer Dart
Water Pistol WaterPistol.png 5

Spews water. Does no damage on its own; however, it can be combined with items that cause Status Effects, infusing the water with that effect.

Research Gun ResearchGun.png Infinite

Used in Scientist's Big Quest


Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Modifiers can be placed onto projectile weapons to improve them in some way.

Name Icon Description
Accuracy Mod AccuracyMod.png Increases Firearms by one point for one gun.
Silencer Silencer.png Decreases noise.

Throwable Weapons[edit | edit source]

Throwable weapons are items that can be thrown physically into the game world. They activate on contact or on a timer.

Name Icon Effects
Banana Peel BananaPeel.png

Causes a person to trip, dealing 5 damage and stunning them for 1 second.

Bear Trap BearTrap.png

Causes 10 damage and applies Slow for 20 seconds.

Dizzy Grenade DizzyGrenade.png

Causes those caught in the blast to become Dizzy.

EMP Grenade EMPGrenade.png

Disables most electrical device in its blast radius.

Grenade Grenade.png

Creates an Explosion 1.75 seconds after having been thrown.

Land Mine LandMine.png

Creates an Explosion when a person steps on it, or it comes in contact with an item.

Molotov Cocktail MolotovCocktail.png

Creates a patch of fire when thrown.

Paralyzer Trap ParalyzerTrap.png

Causes Paralyze on contact.

Rock Rock.png

Deals 5 damage; can be used to break windows.

Shuriken Shuriken.png Deals 5 damage; can be picked up if it doesn't hit a target.

Headwear[edit | edit source]

Headwear are items that provide certain status effects when worn. Only 1 can be equipped at a time.

Name Icon Status Effect
Gas Mask GasMask.png Resist Gas
Hard Hat HardHat.png Resist Damage (Small)
Slave Helmet SlaveHelmet.png Explodes upon use of the Slave Helmet Remote at any time.
Combat Helmet SoldierHelmet.png Resist Damage (Small)

Other Wearables[edit | edit source]

Non-headwear items that also provide certain status effects when worn (with the exception of the Mood Ring). Only 1 can be equipped at a time.

Name Icon Status Effect
Bracelet of Strength BraceletStrength.png Strength (Small)
Bulletproof Vest BulletproofVest.png Resist Bullets
Codpiece Codpiece.png Resist Damage (Small)
Fireproof Suit FireproofSuit.png Resist Fire
Mood Ring MoodRing.png (no effect)
Mayor Visitor's Badge MayorVisitorsBadge.png (no effect)

Tools[edit | edit source]

Tools are items that can be used to interact with other items, people, or specific objects.

Name Icon Description
Ammo Processor AmmoProcessor.png Transform items into ammunition.
Ammo Stealer AmmoStealer.png

Use it on someone bearing a gun to steal ammo. Ammo will come to the gun you are holding, or to a random gun in your inventory.

Armor Durability Spray ArmorDurabilitySpray.png

Increases the durability of headwear and other wearables.

Blindenizer Blindenizer.png

Blinds NPCs.

Boombox Boombox.png

Causes NPCs in the area to come and dance.

Cardboard Box CardboardBox.png

Allows you to hide from NPCs as long as you don't move.

Cigarette Lighter CigaretteLighter.png

Allows you to smoke Cigarettes, set Oil alight, and light Barbecues.

Door Detonator DoorDetonator.png

Blows up locked doors.

Drink Mixer DrinkMixer.png

Transforms items that cause status effects into Cocktails with that status effect.

EarWarp Whistle HearingBlocker.png

Deafens everyone on the floor for a limited time.

Free Item Voucher FreeItemVoucher.png Use it on someone selling things to buy an item from them for free (one-time use).
Friend Phone FriendPhone.png

Calls in 3 NPCs of your faction so they can help you and follow you around.

Food Processor FoodProcessor.png

Transform items into Fud.

Hacking Tool HackingTool.png

A single-use tool that allows you to hack devices.

Haterator Haterator.png Use to make someone hostile towards the next person they see.
Hiring Voucher HiringVoucher.png Use it on someone who can be hired to join you for free.
Hologram Bigfoot HologramItem.png Spawns an invincible hologram which NPCs attack on sight.
Hypnotizer Mark I Hypnotizer.png Use to make someone friendly towards you.
Hypnotizer Mark II Hypnotizer2.png Use to make someone aligned towards you.
Identify Wand IdentifyWand.png Use on an unknown Syringe to discover its effect.
Item Teleporter ItemTeleporter.png Allows you to instantly get an infinite number of any unlocked mission reward item. Sandbox mode only.
Lockpick Lockpick.png Opens a locked door.
Melee Durability Spray MeleeDurabilitySpray.png Increases the durability of a melee weapon.
Necronomicon Necronomicon.png Can be used to summon Zombies at Graveyards.
Portable Sell-O-Matic PortableSellOMatic.png Work as a Sell-O-Matic that can be accessed from your inventory; however, selling prices are lower.
Possession Stone Possess.png Allows the user to possess/depossess most characters.
Safe Buster SafeBuster.png Opens a Safe once.
Safe Cracking Tool SafeCrackingTool.png Allows the user to unlock any Safe an unlimited amount of times.
Skeleton Key SkeletonKey.png Opens locked doors; infinite use.
Slave Helmet Remote SlaveHelmetRemote.png Explodes its associated Slave Helmet and the person who is wearing it.
Slave Helmet Remover SlaveHelmetRemover.png Safely removes a Slave Helmet.
Time Bomb TimeBomb.png Causes a huge explosion 10 seconds after being placed.
Voodoo Doll VoodooDoll.png (no effect)
Wall Bypasser WallBypasser.png Allows you to teleport through thin walls.
Window Cutter WindowCutter.png Allows you to remove any window.

Passive Items[edit | edit source]

Passive items activate based on certain conditions or actions, and function as long as they are in your inventory. They cannot be physically used.

Name Icon Description
Cube of Lampey CubeOfLampey.png

Items will sometimes spawn when Lamps are destroyed; most commonly 4 coins.

Four-Leaf Clover FourLeafClover.png

Increases crit chance by 3%. Increases Slot Machine luck by 10%. Increases the chance of various other Things like Comedian's Joke.

Kill Ammunizer KillAmmunizer.png

Rewards a small amount of ammo to all guns whenever the holder kills 3 people.

Kill Healthenizer KillHealthenizer.png

Rewards 5 health each time the holder kills a person.

Kill Profiter KillProfiter.png

Rewards $5 whenever the item holder kills a person.

Mini Fridge MiniFridge.png

Increases health benefits of food items by 20%.

Quick Escape Teleporter QuickEscapeTeleporter.png

If the item holder's health drops to 15 or lower, they will be teleported to a random location in the stage that is at least a certain distance away from their current location.

Translator Translator.png

Allows a person to speak with Gorillas and Zombies, or vice versa.

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Consumables are items used to provide various status effects upon use. They can only be used once.

Name Icon Status Effect
Cigarettes Cigarettes.png Nicotine
Cocktail Cocktail.png Varies
Cologne Cologne.png Perfumorous
Critter Upper CritterUpper.png Always Crit
Cyanide Pill CyanidePill.png Cyanide
Electro Pill ElectroPill.png Electro Touch
First Aid Kit FirstAidKit.png +50 HP
Giantizer Giantizer.png Giant
Killer Thrower KillerThrower.png Killer Throw
Muscly Pill MusclyPill.png Strength
Rage Poison RagePoison.png Enraged
Resurrection Shampoo ResurrectionShampoo.png Resurrection
Shrinker Shrinker.png Shrunk
Sugar Sugar.png Fast
Syringe Syringes.gif Varies

Food and Drink[edit | edit source]

Food and Drink items are similar to consumables, though they only affect health.

Name Icon Health Restored
Bacon Cheeseburger BaconCheeseburger.png

+20 HP

Banana Banana.png

+10 HP

Beer Beer.png

+10 HP

Fud Fud.png +5 HP
Ham Sandwich HamSandwich.png

+10 HP

Hot Fud HotFud.png +15 HP
Whiskey Whiskey.png

+15 HP

Special[edit | edit source]

These are items that have specific uses.

Name Icon Information
Key Key.png

Unlocks a single door in the location where you retrieved it.

Money Money.png

Used to purchase items, buy services, use machines, etc.

Safe Combination Note.png

Unlocks a single safe in the location where you retrieved it.

Quest Items[edit | edit source]

These are items that are used in missions only.

Name Icon
Blueprints Blueprints.png
Briefcase Briefcase.png
Circuit Board CircuitBoard.png
Evidence Evidence.png
Hard Drive HardDrive.png
Incriminating Photo IncriminatingPhoto.png
Macguffin Muffin MacguffinMuffin.png
Signed Baseball SignedBaseball.png
Tooth Tooth.png
Will Will.png
Big Bomb BigBomb.png

Unused Items[edit | edit source]

This article is on either an upcoming feature or unused feature, so the information might be speculation. Don't take the information as entirely fact.

These are items that are impossible to obtain in-game, but most have art that has been uploaded to the wiki by the developer himself.

Whether these items will be added into the game or not is unknown.

Name Icon
Augmentation Canister AugmentationCanister.png
Body Vanishing Salt BodyVanisher.png
Chainsaw Chainsaw.png
Five-Leaf Clover FiveLeafClover.png
Six-Leaf Clover SixLeafClover.png
Grappling Hook GrapplingHook.png
Key Card KeyCard.png
Magic Lamp MagicLamp.png
Property Deed PropertyDeed.png
Shovel Shovel.png
Sniper Rifle SniperRifle.png
Teleporter Teleporter.png
Trip Mine link = Trip Mine
Warp Zoner WarpZoner.png