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Object Type: Usable
Damage Threshold: 30
Can spend Money to play music and to attract nearby people with the noise and cause them to dance in place until the song ends, or hacked to force the visitors to leave the Bar.

The Jukebox is a usable object in Streets of Rogue. It operates similarly to the Boombox however it costs Money to use. The Jukebox is most commonly found in a Bartender's Bar, and can be used as a distraction by forcing NPCs within its vicinity to dance. Different to the Boombox, the music only lasts temporarily.

Hacking a Jukebox gives you the option to play Mambo No.42, which forces all NPCs inside to vacate the Bar.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mambo No.42 is a reference to the song Mambo No.5.