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Endurance: 4
Speed: 3
Melee: 1
Firearms: 1

The Mayor is an NPC and the primary antagonist in Streets of Rogue. They resemble an Upper-Cruster with a red vest and are always wearing the Mayor's Hat.

NPC[edit | edit source]

The Mayor only appears in the Mayor Village at the end of the game and must be dealt with to retrieve their Mayor's Hat to complete the game. Because they are part of the Give Speech mission, they are always displayed on the minimap with a red arrow and will have a red arrow pointing to them with the text "GET HAT" above their head. When the player reaches the Mayor Village they will find the Mayor performing one of the following activities:

  • Walking around the Mayor Village.
  • Walking around the interior of City Hall, examining various objects. Their path will eventually lead them outside the Security Doors for a small time.
  • Inside a large house watching Television.
  • Inside a large house sleeping in a Bed.
  • Swimming in an indoor pool.
  • Dancing inside a Dance Club.
  • Sitting at a table inside a Bar.

Regardless of their activity, the Mayor will never be very far away from their security detail. The security detail is made up of 5 Supercops armed with Machineguns that have special AI that makes them follow the Mayor everywhere they go. They will also ignore normal crimes in favor of not leaving the Mayor's side. The Mayor is Aligned with all Supercops and any direct attack against the Mayor will make them Hostile. The player can only approach the Mayor while wearing the Mayor Visitor's Badge. Without it, a nearby Supercop will warn the player to step away from the Mayor. Failing to do so will make the Mayor and their security detail Hostile.

Lastly, the Mayor is a coward. If made Hostile, the Mayor will attempt to run away extremely fast from any danger while the security detail attacks the threat. Afterwards, the Mayor will either walk around the Mayor Village or try to return to their previous activity if possible.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Because the Mayor is a mission target, they cannot be Possessed by the Shapeshifter.
  • It is possible to buy his hat if you have the trait Art of the Deal. It's not cheap though, costing you upwards of $1500!

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "See my office clerk, you'll need a badge to speak with moi." (The Mayor refusing to speak to the player without wearing a Mayor Visitor's Badge)
  • "Greeting, lowly citizen!." (General Chat)
  • "You're not required to bow, but it sure would make me feel special!"
  • "I feel naked without my hat..." (Speaking to the Mayor without him wearing his Hat)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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