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MissionIcons.pngMissions are the various in-game objectives for players to complete.

There are 3 types of missions: Main Missions, Optional Missions, and Big Quests. They are detailed below.

Main Missions[edit | edit source]

Main missions are given at the beginning of each level and are marked with blue, red, or pink quest markers. They can be done in any in order, but all must be completed before players can move on to the next level. To complete a mission, you must carry out the objective required from it. Below is a list of all mission types you may receive:

Mission Type Objective
Break Out of Prison Release 1 or more people from their cells.
Destroy Destroy an object.
Destroy All Destroy multiple objects.
Destroy and Retrieve Item Destroy an object, and retrieve an item that was inside that object.
Free Slave Release a Slave from captivity.
Give Speech Retrieve the Mayor's Hat from the Mayor and give a speech.
Neutralize Kill, knock out or convince a person to leave town.
Neutralize All Kill, knock out or convince multiple people to leave town.
Operate Interact with 1 or more objects.
Plant Item Interact with an object while holding an item given to you by the mission giver. (Not Implemented)
Rescue Release a prisoner from the cell and escort them to the entrance or exit Elevator or the mission giver.
Retrieve Bombs Retrieve several Big Bombs from different locations throughout the stage.
Retrieve Item Retrieve an item from a Chest or Safe.
Retrieve Item from Person Retrieve an item from a person.

Successfully completing a mission will earn you Money or a Reward Item. It is also possible to fail missions, in which case they will technically be completed, but no rewards will be given.

Optional Missions[edit | edit source]

Optional missions are not automatically given at the beginning of a level, and are only found on every second floor of each area in-game. As the name implies, they do not need to be completed in order to move on to the next level and can be ignored.

The quest marker icons for optional missions are yellow. To receive this type of mission, locate a Shopkeeper or Drug Dealer with an "M" over their head which indicates they have an optional mission to give. You can talk to them to receive the details of the mission and choose to accept it by pressing the interact key (Keyboard default: E). Once completed, the "M" above the quest-giver's head will turn green, and talking to them again will allow you to receive your reward.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you anger the quest-giver, your optional mission will automatically end in failure and no rewards will be earned.
  • If you accept an optional mission, you can still progress to the next floor even if you don't complete it.
  • Often, the rewards for these missions are 5 Chicken Nuggets. You will instead receive a typical Reward Item if:

Big Quests[edit | edit source]

Big Quests are optional, large-scale missions that encompass an entire run. Big Quests always have 3 objective parts: Current Run, Stage, and Floor. Each character has their own goals, but they can be summarized as: meeting a quota for something by the end of the run, preventing something from happening too many times over the course of the run, or performing a specific task on each level during the run.

The values for each objective of quota and preventative Big Quests are not limits on how much you can contribute to or hinder a character's Big Quest at one time. For example, a Slum Dweller can pay more than $50 per level towards the Movin' On Up Big Quest while a Doctor that goes on a killing spree and racks up more than 30 kills can completely fail the Purveyor of Peace Big Quest on level 1-1. This also means that you are not required to flawlessly complete the objective for every floor for these kinds of Big Quests. As long as you make up the difference later, the Big Quest can still completed.

On the other hand, specific task Big Quests such as Silent But Deadly must be completed on every level or the Big Quest will be failed. These kinds of Big Quests will have the phrase "IN PROGRESS" listed for the Current Run and Stage objectives.

Completing Big Quests objectives rewards the character as follows:

  • Completing the requirements for the floor will result in bonus XP once the floor is completed.
  • Completing the requirements for the current stage will result in a greater amount of bonus XP once the third floor of the stage is completed.

All Big Quests end upon clearing Uptown (5-3). A character that completes their Big Quest will unlock their Super Special Ability for use in Mayor Village and in future runs if the Super Special Abilities mutator is enabled.

Below is a list of all Big Quests. Custom Characters do not have a Big Quest.

Quest Character Description
Movin' On Up Slum Dweller Make payments at ATM Machines or Clerks totaling to $750 by the end of the game.
Power Struggle Soldier Destroy all Generators in each level.
Turf War Gangster (Crepe) Neutralize every Blahd in each level.
Undiscerning Looting Thief Loot Chests and Safes in each level.
The New Hotness Shopkeeper Sell a certain item with your Portable Sell-O-Matic.
Turf War Gangster (Blahd) Neutralize every Crepe in each level.
Quest with a Twist Bartender Serve drinks (Cocktails) to five different people every level.
Hack the Planet Hacker Install malware on a Computer in each level.
Purveyor of Peace Doctor Kill less than 2 people per level.
Ethical Experiments Scientist Find the Supply Crate with a drug, infect the target with status effect, then use the Research Gun on them.
Hairy Justice Gorilla Free all Gorillas.
Law Abiding Law Enforcer Cop Become a Supercop by Neutralizing or Arresting people to gain at least ten marks on every level.
Mythical Matchup Vampire Kill the hidden Werewolf in each level using your Werewolf A Wereness.
Undefeated Champ Wrestler Challenge an assigned class to a fight, and win without using projectile and/or throwable weapons
Silent But Deadly Assassin Kill the assigned target and all witnesses.
Last Comic Standing Comedian Tell jokes to an amount of people on each floor.
Harmless Pranks Jock Destroy every object of the assigned type.
Seeds of Chaos Shapeshifter Kill a certain Character while Possessing a certain Character.
Sobriety is Super Investment Banker Only get Withdrawal 2 times per level maximum.
Satiate that Bloodlust! Werewolf Kill 5 or more people in a single Werewolf Transformation.
Acquired Tastes Cannibal Eat the body of someone of the assigned class.
Catch 'Em All! Slavemaster Enslave someone of the assigned class and bring them to the level entrance or exit.
Spread the Love Zombie Zombify 40% of all NPCs in every level.
Fire Watch Firefighter Prevent arsonists from starting and spreading fires.
Sultan of Shakedowns Mobster Shakedown at least 3 businesses per level. (2 in Park).
Dark Fate Robot Destroy every Power Box.
Bodyguarding Bouncer At most let your Musician die once per level.
Side Hustling Courier Deliver at least 4 and at most 6 Packages.
Homeward Bound Alien Collect 3 ship parts from Vending Machines.
Guard Duty Goon Protect a building and their inhabitants from invaders.
Rubble Rouser Demolitionist Destroy at least 75 non-border walls per level.
Brute Force Progress Mech Pilot Kill every Thief, Drug Dealer, Gangster, Cannibal, Mobster, Slavemaster, and Vampire on every level. (Caps at 25

Kills per level, any more are not needed)