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Mutators are game modifiers in Streets of Rogue which can drastically change the gameplay in various ways. Mutators can be enabled by talking to the Hacker at Home Base. Enabling mutators will apply them to your next game.

More than one mutator can be activated at a time.

Below is a list of all mutators currently in-game.

Mutators[edit | edit source]

Name Tooltip Unlocked
Ape Town Everyone appears as a gorilla, though this has no effect on gameplay. Complete a game with the gorilla
Assassination Nation Assassins appear every level. Neutralize an assassin
Big Knockback More knockback is applied to all hits.
Create-A-Mutator Create your own Mutators -- coming soon! WIP?
Continue? Upon death, the player can continue the game from the beginning of the floor. 2 continues per run. Does not currently work in multiplayer. Starting Mutator
Disasters Every Level More disasters than you can shake a stick at. Starting Mutator
Doctors are Important Health items are less effective, but doctors are cheaper and more common.
Endless The game goes on until the player dies or runs out of continues. Complete the game
Everyone Hates You Most people start off hostile towards you, but also have much lower health. Starting Mutator
Exploding Bodies Bodies exploding shortly after hitting the ground. Starting Mutator
Faster Gameplay The game plays at 1.3 times the normal speed. Starting Mutator
Full Health for All NPCs start with similar health to the player, instead of having their health reduced by default. Starting Mutator
High Costs Everything costs more money
Infinite Ammo Ammo does not deplete when firing guns. Starting Mutator
Infinite Ammo
(Common Weapons)
Ammo does not deplete when firing "common" weapons. (Typically bullet-based). Starting Mutator
Infinite Melee Durability Melee weapons do not lose durability when hitting other people. Starting Mutator
Low Health For All Everyone starts with much lower health -- yourself included. Starting Mutator
Many Werewolves Werewolves appear randomly amongst the normal populace.
Mixed-Up Environments What if Lakes could appear in the Slums? What if Mobsters hung out in the Park? This mutator should answer all your questions. Complete 4-2
Money Rewards Money is always given as a reward for completing missions.
Neutral Cannibals Cannibals are no longer initially hostile. Starting Mutator
New Character Every Level Your character class changes randomly at the start of each level. Starting Mutator
No Cowards People will never run from battles. Starting Mutator
No Custom Characters Disallows custom characters. Intended for open multiplayer games. Starting Mutator
No Disasters Disasters don't appear in levels. Starting Mutator
No Guns No guns allowed! Starting Mutator
No Limits Limitations removed from a number of objects, items and traits to allow for extreme exploits, grinding and min-maxing. Starting Mutator
No Melee Weapons No melee weapons allowed -- guns for everybody! Starting Mutator
No Patrolling Cops Law Enforcement classes no longer patrol the streets, though they can still appear through other circumstances. Starting Mutator
Quick Game Only 10 levels in the game instead of 15. Most unlocks relating to finishing specific levels will not trigger. Complete 5-1
Random Districts Themes for each level (Slums, Industrial, etc.) are randomized. Complete 5-2
Random Mutators New mutators are chosen randomly each level. Starting Mutator
Remove - Bounty Bounty disaster cannot appear.
Remove - Bombs Dropping Bombs Dropping disaster cannot appear.
Remove - Hidden Bombs Hidden Bombs disaster cannot appear.
Remove - Radiation Blasts Periodic Radiation Blasts disaster cannot appear.
Remove - Killer Robot Killer Robot disaster cannot appear.
Remove - Police Lockdown Lockdown disaster cannot appear.
Remove - Ooze Ooze disaster cannot appear.
Remove - Riot Riot disaster cannot appear.
Remove - Shifting Status Effects Shifting Status Effects disaster cannot appear.
Remove - War Zone War Zone disaster cannot appear.
Remove - Zombies Zombie Invasion disaster cannot appear.
Remove District - Downtown Downtown levels do not appear in the game. Complete Downtown
Remove District - Industrial Industrial levels do not appear in the game. Complete Industrial
Remove District - Park Park levels do not appear in the game. Complete Park
Remove District - Slums Slums levels do not appear in the game. Complete Slums
Remove District - Uptown Uptown levels do not appear in the game. Complete Uptown
Rocket Chaos Everyone gets a Rocket Launcher! Complete the game with No Melee Weapons
Rogue Vision Objects not within your character's line-of-sight are hidden from view. Starting Mutator
Sandbox Also known as 'Cheat Mode'. Start the game with an item that gives access to any Reward Item you've unlocked. Also, no need to do missions to pass levels. Also, you can't unlock things. Starting Mutator
Speedrun Mode Changes a bunch of settings to level the playing field for speedrunners.
Speedrun Mode (Standardized) Works the same as before, but all traits and items are unlocked, and are set to be active. Here's the catch: If you take more than 4 minutes to complete the level, you die.
Super Special Abilities Enabled the "Super" versions of characters after completing their Big Quests. Starting Mutator
Supercop Land All Cops are replaced with Supercops.
Time Limit Complete the level within 4 minutes, or you're dead. Starting Mutator
Time Limit + Time Bonuses Start the game with a limited time, but gain more by completing missions. Complete a level using Time Limit
Time Limit EXTREME Complete the levels within 2.5 minutes, or you're dead! Complete the game with Time Limit
Zombies Ate My Game Balance The Zombie Invasion happens every level. Starting Mutator
Zombies Welcome Zombies are welcome amongst the normal population.