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Mutators are game modifiers in Streets of Rogue which can drastically change the gameplay in various ways. Mutators can be enabled by talking to the Hacker at Home Base. Enabling mutators will apply them to your next game.

More than one mutator can be activated at a time.

Below is a list of all mutators currently in-game.

Mutators[edit | edit source]

Name Tooltip Unlocked
Create-A-Mutator Create your own Mutators -- coming soon! Starting Mutator
Disasters Every Level More disasters than you can shake a stick at. Starting Mutator
Endless The game doesn't end when Early Access content runs out. Requires the completion of the game
Everyone Hates You Most people start off hostile towards you, but also have much lower health. Starting Mutator
Faster Gameplay The game plays at 1.3 times the normal speed. Starting Mutator
Low Health For All Everyone starts with much lower health -- yourself included. Starting Mutator
New Character Every Level Your character class changes randomly at the start of each level. Starting Mutator
No Disasters Disasters don't appear in levels. Starting Mutator
No Guns No guns allowed! Starting Mutator
No Melee Weapons No melee weapons allowed -- guns for everybody! Starting Mutator
Rogue Vision Objects not within your character's line-of-sight are hidden from view. Starting Mutator
Sandbox Also known as 'Cheat Mode'. Start the game with an item that gives access to any Reward Item you've unlocked. Also, no missions. Also, you can't unlock things. Starting Mutator
Time Limit Complete the level within 4 minutes, or you're dead. Starting Mutator
Time Limit + Time Bonuses Start the game with a limited time, but gain more by completing missions. Requires the completion of a level using Time Limit
Extreme Time Limit Complete the levels within 2.5 minutes, or you're dead! Requires the completion of the game with Time Limit
Rocket Chaos Everyone gets a Rocket Launcher! Requires the completion of the game with No Melee Weapons
Zombies Ate My Game Balance The Zombie Invasion happens every level. Starting Mutator
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