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This page lists all the objects currently in-game.

Barriers[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Description
Bars BarsEW.png

Projectiles can pass through. Medium damage threshold.

Barbed Wire Fence WallBarbedWire.png

Can be destroyed with melee weapons, projectiles pass through. Low damage threshold.

Door Door.png

Can be destroyed with any weapon. Sometimes locked. Can be unlocked with Lockpick, Key or Skeleton Key. Can use Door Detonator on this. Player can knock on doors at the outside of buildings.

Door (No Entry) DoorNoEntry.png Retains properties of normal doors. Always unlocked. Implies that people will become Hostile or Annoyed if you enter.
Door (Steel) DoorHard.png Retains properties of normal doors. Typically locked. Can only be destroyed with Door Detonator and Time Bomb.
Lockdown Wall LockdownWall.png Rises from the ground when Uptown goes into Lockdown.
Wall WallNormal.png

Medium damage threshold.

Wall (Border) WallBorder.png

High damage threshold.

Wall (Glass) GlassWall.png

Low damage threshold. Can be seen through by NPCs.

Wall (Steel) Wall (Steel)

Very high damage threshold. Can only be destroyed with Time Bomb.

Wall (Wood) WallWood.png

Low damage threshold. Can be destroyed by Fire.

Window Window2.png

Bullets, Rockets, and Flames can pass through. Can be removed with Window Cutter, Primal Lunge or Sharp Lunge with a melee weapon equipped, or explosions. Player can tap on the window to cause a distraction.

Usable[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Usage
Air Filtration System AirConditioner.png

Insert a consumable to cause Gas with its status effect to emit from the building's Gas Vents.

Alarm Button AlarmButton.png Anyone with the Upper-Crusty trait can press this to summon a Supercop from a Police Box.
Altar Altar.png Sacrifice bodies that are in the same building as it. Offers no benefits.
Ammo Dispenser AmmoDispenser.png Refill any of your projectile weapons with a value depending on the cost of the weapon and the amount of ammo missing. Can be hacked to lower the price.
ATM Machine ATMMachine.png Used to pay off Debt.
Bush Bush.png Can be used to become invisible. Cannibals frequently hide in these.
Clone Machine CloneMachine.png Clone an item in your inventory for 1.5 times that item's cost, or create a clone of your character class for $50. Can be hacked once to produce a clone of a random character.
Computer Computer.png Open Doors within the building, unlock a Safe. Even more options with the Tech Expert trait. Can be hacked to access from afar. If destroyed, opens all doors and disables all security measures within the building.
Elevator Elevator.png Player is spawned from a stage's southern elevator. Player exits the level from the northern elevator.
Fountain Fountain.png Money can be tossed into it.
Generator Generator.png Creates Explosion when damage threshold is reached. The same can be silently achieved by using a Wrench.
Goodie Dispenser GoodieDispenser.png

Spend 60$ to randomly get any item, excluding food. Can be hacked to lower the price.

Jukebox Jukebox.png

Briefly plays music for 15$.

Loadout-O-Matic LoadoutOMatic.png Spend money to reobtain starting items of your character.
Overclocked Generator OverclockedGenerator1.png

Very similar to a Generator except it has a 7 second countdown and a much bigger explosion.

Power Box PowerBox.png Can be turned off to stop all electronics in the area surrounding it.
Satellite Dish SatelliteDish.png Interacting with it by Hacking and using the associated Computer can spawn an Alien.
Sell-O-Matic PawnShopMachine.png

Sell an inventory item for half of its value. Can be hacked to increase selling prices.

Sign Sign.png

Displays text to the player.

Slot Machine SlotMachine.png

Play $5, $20, or $50. Chance of winning is 48%. Winner earns twice the amount inserted. (Chance can be increased with the Four-Leaf Clover or


Switch SwitchBasic.png

Must be flipped for Operate missions. Can also be flipped by hitting with a weapon, thrown items or destroying.

Turntables Turntables.png Can be used for a chance to make people either Annoyed or Loyal.
Water Pump WaterPump.png

Able to poison ponds.

Well Well.png

Toss money into the Well.

Hazards[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Description
Barbecue BBQ.png

When destroyed spawns flames in it's place, similarly to the flaming barrel

Crusher Crusher.png

Extends quickly toward the adjacent wall, causing 40 damage. Triggered by Floor Switch.

Can be withdrawn by attacking.

Dart Trap Dart.png

Spews a Dart, triggered by Floor Switch.

Exploding Barrel ExplodingBarrel.png

Creates Explosion when damage threshold is reached.

Explosion Explosion.png

Affects all people, objects and walls in its blast radius. Radius can be either Normal, Big or Huge.

Falling Bomb FallingBomb.png

Falls from the sky, causing an Explosion when it hits the ground. Only spawn during the Disaster "Falling Bomb".

Fire 32x32px

Spreads to nearby Wall (Wood) and non-fireproof objects. Destroys walls and objects after a period of time. Deal 10 damages when walking on

Fire Hydrant FireHydrant.png Will spew out water in a certain direction upon being hit.
Fire-Spewer FireSpewer.png

Spews out Flames in rapid succession, similar to a Flamethrower. Stops at intervals.

Flaming Barrel FlamingBarrel.png

Creates Fire when damage threshold is reached.

Floor Switch 32x32px

Sometimes difficult to see, triggers one of several traps. Can only be triggered once.

Gas 32x32px

Inflicts a status effect upon a person who enters its range.

Gas Vent GasVent.png

Emits Gas through the use of an Air Filtration System or a Computer.

Killer Plant KillerPlant.png

Bites anything within a tile radius of itself.

Laser Laser.png

Will react when it senses something. Reacts based on color.

Laser Emitter LaserEmitter.png

Placed at either side of Laser. Depending on color of Laser, will either trigger an alarm or create an Explosion.

Manhole Manhole.png Hostile NPCs can jump from them, such as the Cannibal or the Thief. Acts as a Hole afterwards.
Mine ParkPresident.jpg

Invisible. Explodes 3 seconds after being walked over.

Mine Cart MineCart.png

Comes ever so often and deals high contact damage.

Oil Oil.PNG

Spilled on the floors of Industrial. When lit with fire, surrounding oil will instantly burn.

Police Box PoliceBox.png Supercops come out from this if an Alarm Button is pressed.
Saw Blade SawBlade.png

Moves back and forth along a track. Deals contact damage.

Security Camera SecurityCam.png

Detects non-property owners and sounds an alarm when they are detected. Can be hacked to disable it or change its targets.

Slime Barrel SlimeBarrel.png

When destroyed, spawns a puddle of poison goo.

Train Train.png

Comes ever so often and deals high contact damage.

Trap Door TrapDoorHole.png

Opens for a short amount of time before closing again, producing a Hole. Triggered by Floor Switch.

Turret Turret.png

Fires at targets when Security Camera has spotted a target. Deals 5 damage per shot but has a very quick reload time. Can be hacked to disable it.

Containers[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Description
Chest ChestBasic.png

Contains a valuable item, money or mission item. Rewards player with Found Cool Stuff (+100 xp).

Crate Crate.png

Must be destroyed to retrieve an item inside, used for missions.

Refrigerator Refrigerator.png

Contains food or drink. Rewards player with Steal. Can be hacked to "Run".

Safe Safe.png

Contains a valuable item or mission item. Rewards player with Found Cool Stuff (+100 xp). Can be opened with a Safe CombinationSafe-Cracking Tool, Safe Buster, or Hacking.

Trash Can TrashCan.png

Contains a non-valuable item (Rock, Cigarettes, Banana peels, Banana or Syringes).

Wastebasket WasteBasket.png

Used as "plant" location on Plant Item missions.

Decorative[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Description
Arcade Game ArcadeGame.png Can be hacked to distract NPCs.
Bar Stool BarStool.png
Bathtub Bathtub.png
Bed Bed.png NPCs sleep on this.
Boulder Boulders.png
Chair Chair2.png
Chair (Big) Chair.png
Counter Counter.png Talking with NPCs from behind this is possible, unlike most objects.
Desk Desk.png
Fireplace Fireplace.png
Gravestone Gravestone.png Can spawn a Ghost when destroyed.
Lamp Lamp.png Produces light. Drop money when holding Cube of Lampey.
Plant Plant.png
Pool Table PoolTable.png
Shelf Shelf.png
Speaker Speaker.png
Stove Stove.png Create fire when destroyed.
Table Table.png
Table (Big) TableBig.png
Television Television.png Can be hacked to cause an Explosion or distract NPCs.
Toilet Toilet.png
Tree Tree.png
Tube Tube.png Spits out giblets at a constant rate.
Vendor Stand VendorStand.png Appears near vendors in Park.
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