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Reward Items are items that are given to you after completing a Mission. You can also start out with one through the Loadout Soldier.

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

Many of these items need to be unlocked. You can purchase these items at the Thief in the Home Base.ItemUnlockTree.png

Reward Items[edit | edit source]

Item Unlock Cost
AccuracyMod.png Accuracy Mod 2ChickenNugget.png
AmmoProcessor.png Ammo Processor 7ChickenNugget.png
AmmoStealer.png Ammo Stealer Unlocked by default
ArmorDurabilitySpray.png Armor Durability Spray 5ChickenNugget.png
Axe.png Axe Unlocked by default
BaseballBat.png Baseball Bat Unlocked by default
BearTrap.png Bear Trap 7ChickenNugget.png
Blindenizer.png Blindenizer 7ChickenNugget.png
Boombox.png Boombox Unlocked by default
BooUrn.png Boo-Urn 10ChickenNugget.png
BraceletStrength.png Bracelet of Strength 10ChickenNugget.png
BulletproofVest.png Bulletproof Vest 10ChickenNugget.png
CardboardBox.png Cardboard Box Unlocked by default
CigaretteLighter.png Cigarette Lighter Unlocked by default
Cigarettes.png Cigarettes Unlocked by default
Codpiece.png Codpiece Unlocked by default
Cologne.png Cologne 7ChickenNugget.png
SoldierHelmet.png Combat Helmet Unlocked by default
CritterUpper.png Critter Upper Unlocked by default
CubeOfLampey.png Cube of Lampey 7ChickenNugget.png
CyanidePill.png Cyanide Pill 10ChickenNugget.png
DizzyGrenade.png Dizzy Grenade 5ChickenNugget.png
DoorDetonator.png Door Detonator Unlocked by default
HearingBlocker.png EarWarp Whistle 5ChickenNugget.png
ElectroPill.png Electro Pill 5ChickenNugget.png
EMPGrenade.png EMP Grenade 2ChickenNugget.png
FireExtinguisher.png Fire Extinguisher 5ChickenNugget.png
FireproofSuit.png Fireproof Suit Unlocked by default
FirstAidKit.png First Aid Kit Unlocked by default
Flamethrower.png Flamethrower 10ChickenNugget.png
FourLeafClover.png Four-Leaf Clover Unlocked by default
FreeItemVoucher.png Free Item Voucher Unlocked by default
FreezeRay.png Freeze Ray Unlocked by default
FriendPhone.png Friend Phone 15ChickenNugget.png
FoodProcessor.png Fud Processor 7ChickenNugget.png
GasMask.png Gas Mask 7ChickenNugget.png
GhostBlaster.png Ghost Gibber Unlocked by default
Giantizer.png Giantizer 7ChickenNugget.png
Grenade.png Grenade Unlocked by default
HackingTool.png Hacking Tool Unlocked by default
HardHat.png Hard Hat Unlocked by default
Haterator.png Haterator 7ChickenNugget.png
HiringVoucher.png Hiring Voucher 5ChickenNugget.png
HologramItem.png Hologram Bigfoot 2ChickenNugget.png
Hypnotizer.png Hypnotizer Mark I 2ChickenNugget.png
Hypnotizer2.png Hypnotizer Mark II 5ChickenNugget.png
IdentifyWand.png Identify Wand Unlocked by default
linkKill Ammunizer= Kill Ammunizer 10ChickenNugget.png
KillHealthenizer.png Kill Healthenizer 10ChickenNugget.png
KillProfiter.png Kill Profiter 7ChickenNugget.png
KillerThrower.png Killer Thrower 7ChickenNugget.png
Knife.png Knife Unlocked by default
LandMine.png Land Mine 7ChickenNugget.png
LeafBlower.png Leafblower 5ChickenNugget.png
Lockpick.png Lockpick Unlocked by default
MachineGun.png Machinegun 10ChickenNugget.png
MeleeDurabilitySpray.png Melee Durability Spray 5ChickenNugget.png
MiniFridge.png Mini Fridge Unlocked by default
MolotovCocktail.png Molotov Cocktail 7ChickenNugget.png
MusclyPill.png Muscly Pill Unlocked by default
Necronomicon.png Necronomicon 10ChickenNugget.png
OilContainer.png Oil Container 10ChickenNugget.png
ParalyzerTrap.png Paralyzer Trap 2ChickenNugget.png
Pistol.png Pistol Unlocked by default
PoliceBaton.png Police Baton Unlocked by default
QuickEscapeTeleporter.png Quick Escape Teleporter 5ChickenNugget.png
RagePoison.png Rage Poison 7ChickenNugget.png
ResurrectionShampoo.png Resurrection Shampoo 15ChickenNugget.png
RocketLauncher.png Rocket Launcher 15ChickenNugget.png
SafeBuster.png Safe Buster 7ChickenNugget.png
SafeCrackingTool.png Safe-Cracking Tool Unlocked by default
Shotgun.png Shotgun Unlocked by default
ShrinkRay.png Shrink Ray 7ChickenNugget.png
Shrinker.png Shrinker 7ChickenNugget.png
Shuriken.png Shuriken Unlocked by default
Silencer.png Silencer Unlocked by default
SkeletonKey.png Skeleton Key 10ChickenNugget.png
SlaveHelmetRemover.png Slave Helmet Remover 2ChickenNugget.png
Sledgehammer.png Sledgehammer 7ChickenNugget.png
Sugar.png Sugar Unlocked by default
Sword.png Sword Unlocked by default
Taser.png Taser Unlocked by default
TimeBomb.png Time Bomb 10ChickenNugget.png
TranquilizerGun.png Tranquilizer Gun Unlocked by default
Translator.png Translator Unlocked by default
WallBypasser.png Wall Bypasser 7ChickenNugget.png
WaterPistol.png Water Pistol 10ChickenNugget.png
WindowCutter.png Window Cutter 5ChickenNugget.png
Wrench.png Wrench Unlocked by default