Ride Mech

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Endurance: 5
Melee: 5
Firearms: 5
Speed: Bulky
Special Ability
LaserCannon.png Laser Cannon
Oil Reliant
Scumbag Slaughterer
Cops Don't Care
Ride Mech


Custom Character Point Value: 16
Action Bar: No
Cooldown: No
Charge-Up: No
Enter your mech
Jump into a Mech when you're standing next to it.

Ride mech is a Special Ability in Streets of Rogue used by the Mech Pilot. Giving you the Mech Key it grants you the ability to ride the mech, which spawns by the starting elevator of every floor.

The mech has its own health, traits, special ability and stats.

When the mech's health is depleted, it cannot be used unless restored via an Oil Container.

Special Ability Traits[edit | edit source]

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • You can knock NPC's into buildings to create a big enough opening for the mech to enter (Knockback King helps with this).
  • A Wall Bypasser and a Body-Swapper allow the mech to get inside buildings.
  • Spending Chicken nuggets to buy some Grenades from the soldier in the Home base could be helpful since you can always buy more from the Loadout-O-Matic available every level.
  • Remember, When creating a custom character with this ability, all starting traits will be disabled as long as your character is riding a mech. However, traits gained through level-ups are still in effect.
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