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Not to be confused with the NPC variant, Cop Bot



Endurance: 3
Melee: Rechargeable
Firearms: Rechargeable
Speed: Rechargeable
Special Ability
Power sap.png Power sap
Blaster Survivor
Blaster Master
Starting Items
FramelessRocket Launcher
FramelessBeer (5)
Big Quest
Dark Fate
Most Robots have specific roles, like "cop", or "butler". but sadly the engineers behind this Robot forgot to give it a purpose. Combine this with an uncommonly low battery life, and you've got a formula for an inferiority complex. However, since joining the Resistance the Robot has seemingly found their purpose: Become Mayor and bring about judgement day. Or alternatively, discover what love is, and rule with benevolence.

The Robot is a playable character in Streets of Rogue. They are similar in appearance to the Cop Bot but with purple eyes, unlike other Playable characters their appearance cannot be changed.

The Robot is unlocked by either hacking a Cop Bot or a Killer Robot.

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • How to fight: The robot can use any weapon effectively, just remember to keep the charge level as high as possible.
  • How to finish a mission: The robot's Sledgehammer can be used to instantly break windows while at charge level 4, and its rockets can destroy any wall or safe for easy access to highly guarded areas.
  • As the robot can only use alcoholic beverages, sell consumables you cant use or give them to followers.
  • Using an Electro Pill will charge the robot up and heal them for 25 HP, or 40 HP if you have Sappy Healthy
  • Power sap can hit objects through walls, use this to disable cameras and computers safely or effortlessly detonate a generator.
  • Zombies are not hostile towards robot, as it is not made up of flesh.
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