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Skill Points

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General[edit | edit source]

Name XP Description
Found Cool Stuff 100

Loot a Chest or Safe for non-quest items.

Freed Prisoner 20

Release a prisoner from their cell.

Freed Slave 50

Free a Slave by purchasing and freeing them, or neutralizing their Slavemasters.

Hack 20

Hack a Computer using the Laptop or Hacking Tool.

Indirect Kill 30

One of your party members kills a non-innocent.

Indirect Kill (Innocent) 15

One of your party members kills an innocent. (Cops will lose XP instead of winning)

Kill 50

Kill a non-innocent.

Kill (Innocent) 20

Kill an innocent. (Cops will lose 50XP instead of winning)

Knockout 100

Knock out a non-innocent.

Knockout (Innocent) 40

Knock out an innocent. (Cops will lose XP instead of winning)

Lockpick 20

Lockpick a door.

Pickpocket 10

Pickpocket a person using the Sticky Glove.

Polluted Air 20

Pollute the air by inserting a consumable into an Air Filtration System.

Removed Slave Helmet 20

Remove a Slave Helmet from a Slave using a Slave Helmet Remover or Wrench.

Removed Window 20

Remove a Window using the Window Cutter.

Safe Cracked 20

Crack a Safe using the Safe Buster or Safe Cracking Tool.

Steal 10

Loot a Refrigerator.

Tampered 20

Tamper with a Generator using the Wrench.

Mission End[edit | edit source]

In cooperative mode, the player who has done less to help complete the mission receives only a 150-point Completed Mission bonus, and no other points.

Name XP Description
Alerted No One (Mission) 100

Did not alert anyone associated with the current mission.

Completed Mission 300

Completed the mission.

Killed No One (Mission) 100

Did not kill anyone associated with the current mission.

Stage End[edit | edit source]

Name XP Description
Alerted No One (Stage) 100

Did not alert anyone.

Finished Fast 100

Completed the stage in under 2 minutes.

Killed a Lot 100

Killed at least 20 people.

Killed No One (Stage) 100

Didn't kill anyone.

Lots of Knockouts 100

Knocked out at least 20 people.

No Damage Taken 100

Did not lose any health.

No Destruction 100

Did not destroy any walls or objects.

No Guns Used 200

Did not fire a projectile weapon.

Stole a Lot 200

Pickpocketed or stole from chests at least 15 times.

Used Only Fists 200

Did not fight with melee or projectile weapons other than the fist.

Wanton Destruction 200

Destroyed at least 30 walls and objects.

Level Thresholds[edit | edit source]

Level XP
1 0
2 1000
3 2500
4 4500
5 7000
6 10000
7 13500
8 17500
9 22000
10 32500