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Special abilities are skills that many characters possess and can be performed by using the [Special] key. Some characters have a Super Special Ability that will improve their special ability after completing their Big Quest. Each ability has a Custom Character Point Value (CCPV) for when they are selected by Custom Character during character creation.

Below is a list of all special abilities currently in game.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Ability CCPV Description Action Bar? Cooldown? Charge-Up? Character
10 Bite a person from behind to deal damage and regain health. No No No Vampire
7 Go invisible for a limited amount of time. Certain actions will cancel the effect. No Yes

(15 secs)

No Assassin
16 Feed on corpses to regain health. No No No Cannibal
5 Charge up and storm ahead, breaking objects and walls in your way.

Cannot stop manually.

No No Yes Jock
Chloroform Hankie
12 Use to instantly neutralize anyone from behind. No Yes No Doctor
Cry Profusely
N/A Causes the player to cry.

Does nothing else.

N/A N/A N/A None
10 Turn any electrocuted, frozen, dizzy, or crazy-dizzy person into a slave. Yes No No Slavemaster
10 Use to restrain anyone. Yes No No Cop
7 Tell a person a joke.

Chance to increase or decrease their opinion of you.

No No No Comedian
7 Use to remotely hack any hackable object. Yes No No Hacker
Laser Cannon
N/A Shot a small laser, recharges over time. Part of Ride Mech No No No Mech Pilot
Mind Control
20 Fire a projectile that makes you control the movement and actions of NPCs No Yes

(4 secs)

No Alien
20 Take control of an NPC from behind, keeping their traits and abilities.

Use the Possession Stone to leave the body.

No Yes

(5 secs)

No Shapeshifter
Power Sap
5 Release a energy blast around you that drains and disables electric devices. No Yes

(8 secs)

No Robot
Primal Lunge
5 Perform a high-damaging attack. No No Yes Gorilla
Sticky Glove
5 Use to steal items from NPCs from behind. No No No Thief
7 Do a jump that creates a shockwave that makes any NPC caught in it, Dizzy. No No No Bouncer
Ride Mech
16 Take control of a Mech. No No No Mech Pilot
Sharp Lunge
N/A Perform an instantaneous, high-damaging attack. Part of Werewolf (Transformation). No No No Werewolf (Transformation)
5 Pick up objects and throw them. Chance to cause Dizzy and other status effects. No No No Wrestler
Water Cannon
5 Sprays a beam of water, extinguishes fires. Can be refilled at Fire Hydrants No No No Firefighter
Werewolf Transformation
20 Turns you into a werewolf for a limited amount of time, gaining a number of traits. Inflicts Crazy-Dizzy on user once time is up. No Yes

(20 secs)

No Werewolf
Zombie Phlegm
5 Shoot a projectile that inflicts DNA Connection. No No Yes Zombie