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Stages are where you will spend your time in the game, completing Missions in order to go to the next level within a stage. Each stage is a sector of the city, each layered on top of one another. Each stage offers something unique compared to the previous stages. Aside from Home Base and Mayor Village, each stage is made up of three levels. The third level in every stage always has a disaster. There is currently 6 main stages in the game.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Tutorial.png This is the tutorial area. This is where you will learn how to play the game.

Home Base[edit | edit source]

Home base.png The Hub area of the game. In the Home Base you can access Mutators, Co-op, and spend Chicken Nuggets.

Slums[edit | edit source]

This is the first area of the game.

Industrial[edit | edit source]

Industrial2.png The second area of the game. It offers new objects such as Mine Carts, continuously spewing gas, and spilled oil.

Park[edit | edit source]

Park.png The third area of the game. It includes new objects such as boulders and ponds. Unlike previous stages it is more open, and as such, has characters such as Gorillas and cannibals wandering around freely.

Downtown[edit | edit source]

Downtown.png The fourth area of the game. It includes new objects like Altars, a new type of laser and bridges. New NPCs include Wrestlers, Mobsters, Supercops,and more.

Uptown[edit | edit source]

Uptown.png The fifth area of the game. An extremely rich, cramped area. There are even more Upper-Crusters, along with Cop Bots.

Mayor Village[edit | edit source]

MayorVillage.png The last area of the game. The area where the Mayor lives. Upper-Crusters, Cop Bots, and Supercops can be found here as well.