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Status effects can affect the player or NPCs that have them in positive or negative ways. They are usually applied through the use of items, and most are temporary or limited in some way.

Below is a list of status effects in Streets of Rogue.

Effects can be purged by going to any toilet and interacting with it. (Note: This will also remove Buffs like Resurrection, so use at your own risk)

Status Effects[edit | edit source]

Name Duration Description
Above the Law End of level Cops ignore your crimes for the current level.
Acid 2 You will get hit with one single hit of 20 damage
Accurate 30 Increases Firearm Stat by 2.
Always Crit 30 Every hit you inflict will be a crit, dealing double damage as well as gibing corpses.
Crazy Dizzy 5 Extremely slow moving speed and uncontrollable movement.
Confused 30 Reverse controls for players. Causes erratic movement for NPCs.
Debt Infinite Have the effect until you pay it off. Not paying off Debt will cause Assassins to come after you.
Decrease All Stats 30 Decrease every stat (Speed, Melee, Firearms, Endurance) by 1 point.
DNA Connection Infinite Allows you to pair your DNA with an NPC. This is used when you are playing as a Zombie and would like NPCs followers.
Electro Touch 30 Colliding with other people does 15 damage.
Electrocuted 4 Cannot move or interact with anything. Can be enslaved while in this state. If tased in the water, 30 points of damage will be inflicted to that person.
Enraged 30 Makes people hostile to everyone they see. If the player has this effect then they will lose control of their character and begin seeking out and killing any NPCs in sight.
Fast 30 Move at 1.5 times base speed.
Feelin' Lucky 90 Gain luck in item finding, and loot.
Feelin' Unlucky 90 Lose luck in item finding and loot.
Frozen 10 Cannot do anything until attacked. If killed, you will be shattered into frozen guts. Frozen Characters take 2x damage.
Giant 30 or End of Level Become 3 times the normal size. Melee attacks and bullets do 3x the normal damage. All walls and objects are destroyed when touched or attacked with melee weapons, with the exception of Steel walls and certain very strong objects.
Hearing Blocked 30 NPCs will never have any reaction to noises, which means you can open doors, make explosions, go through cameras, tripwires, and more.
Increase all Stats 60 Increases every stat (Speed, Melee, Firearms, Endurance) by 1 point.
Invincible 15 Cannot be injured. However, armor durability can still be lowered.
Invisible 15 NPCs can no longer see you.
Knocked Out 10 or Infinite Become completely incapacitated. Lasts permanently for NPCs, 10 seconds for players in co-op mode.
Nicotine 30 One-time damage of 5. Freezes the counter of Addict.
Paralyze 20 Unable to walk.
Perfumorous End of Level People who would normally be Neutral are now Friendly, unless they are specifically guarding property.
Poisoned 15 Lose health at a rate of 2 per second.
Regenerate Health 15 Restore health at a rate of 2 per second.
Resist Bullets Infinite Bullet damage is 2/3 the normal amount.
Resist Damage (Small) Infinite Damage is 4/5 the normal amount.
Resist Damage (Medium) Infinite Damage is 2/3 the normal amount.
Resist Damage (Large) Infinite Damage is 1/2 the normal amount.
Resist Fire Infinite Damage from Fire deals 3/5 of it's normal amount.
Resist Gas Infinite Gas has no effect.
Resurrection Death When the person dies, they are resurrected several seconds later with 1/3 of their max health.
Shrunk 30 or End of Level Become 1/3 the normal size. Melee attacks and bullets do 1/3 the normal damage. Person is crushed to death when coming into contact with another person who is moving.
Slow 30 Move at 2/3 base speed.
Strength 30 Multiplies melee damage by 1.5.
Tranquilized 10 Will become Knocked Out after 10 seconds. This time can be reduced by hitting with more Tranquilizer Darts.
Weak 20 Multiplies melee damage by 0.5.