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Custom Character Point Value: 7
Action Bar: No
Cooldown: No
Charge-Up: No
Jump foward to stomp the ground that makes any person caught become Dizzy
Jump to Stomp the ground to make anyone in a radius Dizzy.

Stomp is a Special Ability in Streets of Rogue used by the Bouncer. Stomp makes the player jump foward to stomp the ground and NPCs caught in the radius to makes Dizzy and costs 8 health points. This ability can be used many times but creates a very loud noise making NPCs to investigate for the source of the sound.

This ability doesn't damage nor stun the Musician, Loyal and Aligned NPCs including Fans since the Bouncer starts with No In-Fighting.

Special Ability Traits[edit | edit source]

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Use Stomp on a large group of enemies to get the upper hand or to get out of bad situations.
  • Stomp goes through walls, and can make NPCs in the other side of the walls Dizzy.
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