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Endurance: 4
Speed: 3
Melee: 3
Firearms: 4
Handcuffs.png Handcuffs
The Law
Starting Items
PoliceBaton.png Police Baton

Pistol.png Pistol
DizzyGrenade.png Dizzy Grenade (5)

The Supercop is a brutally strong NPC and Character that can be encountered in Downtown and Uptown, as well as other levels if Mixed-Up Environments or Supercop Land is enabled.

They naturally spawn in Uptown, but in Downtown they will only spawn if an Alarm Button is triggered. When one is activated, a Supercop will spawn from the associated Police Box and, if spawned by a hostile Upper-Cruster, will begin searching for the player.

If the Cop Debt has not been paid off, Hostile Supercops will spawn at the beginning of a level.

They are always loyal to the character that triggers the Alarm Button. Their appearance consists of a solid blue helmet and a blue bullet proof vest. If the player has the trait The Law, Supercops are Friendly and make valuable allies if you need them in a fight. You become a Supercop once you reach Mayor Village and have completed the Cop’s Big Quest, Law Abiding Law Enforcer.

Supercops are also loyal to Upper-crusters or anyone who has the upper-crusty trait. If the player character is a Supercop, they will be aligned with both Supercops and Cop Bots. The latter can prove to be very useful as aligned Cop Bots will not deport the player or confiscate items belonging to the player character.

If the player is aligned with the Supercops guarding them, they can approach the mayor freely even without the Mayor Visitor's Badge. Talking to the bouncers at the checkpoint at mayor village will turn off the blue laser and will let you pass through.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Something unique about the Supercop is that they have 2 weapons. If their first weapon runs out of ammo or breaks, they will switch to the second one. Usually this second weapon is the Police Baton.
  • Completing the Cop's Big Quest allows you to become a Supercop yourself after reaching Mayor Village or when Super Special Abilities is enabled.
  • If you have the trait Random Reverence then if a hostile Upper-Cruster spawns a Supercop to kill you, there is a chance the Supercop will be aligned, In which case you can use him to help you kill the Upper-Cruster.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • You used to need to ask a Supercop for the promotion before you became a supercop after completing the Cop's Big Quest which was to make a number of arrests before reaching Uptown.

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