The Law

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The Law
Custom Character Point Value: 10
Upgrade: No
Remove: No
Swap: Yes
All Cops are Aligned. If you perform an action on an innocent person, such as stealing or murder, you will lose XP
Aligned with other Cops. Lose XP by killing or robbing Innocents. Innocents are people who obey The Law of the Land and do not stand in your way on missions.

The Law is a trait in Streets of Rogue. With it, all Cops are Aligned and Supercops are Friendly to the character. However, you lose XP when you commit crimes against an innocent person. This includes robbery, murder, and so on.

Obtainment[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • People who are innocent aren't distinguished in any way. But, people who are not are marked with [Guilty].
  • The actions that cause XP loss are:
    • Kill (innocent): -40 xp. Kill any NPC that is not marked guilty.
    • Indirect Kill (innocent): -30 xp. Have a party member kill any NPC that is not marked guilty.
    • Arrest (innocent): -80 xp. Use Handcuffs on an NPC that is not marked guilty.
    • Knockout (innocent): -40 xp. Use Chloroform Hankie or Tranquilizer Gun on an NPC that is not marked guilty.
    • Steal (innocent): -10 xp. Loot a Refrigerator or Chest owned by any NPC that is not marked guilty. Items owned by guilty NPCs are ok to loot. Having Promise I'll Return It! will prevent the XP loss.
    • Pickpocket (innocent): -15 xp. Using Sticky Glove on any NPC. Guilty NPCs are NOT ok to pickpocket.
  • Though you can lose XP, you cannot lose levels. So, you will be unable to lose XP once you hit the level threshold.