Time Bomb

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Time Bomb


Item Type: Tools
Value: $100
Custom Character Point Value: 3
Custom Character Amount: 1
Creates an Explosion 10 seconds after being placed on the ground.
Get ready for a HUGE explosion 10 seconds after placing this. Like, seriously. Move faaaar back.

The Time Bomb is a tool in Streets of Rogue. When placed, you have 10 seconds to get away from it before it causes a huge explosion which deals 150 damage (and like most other things can crit). When hit with a melee weapon, it is pushed. NPCs will run away in fear on sight of the bomb.

Obtain[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being invincible to the Time Bomb, Ghosts will run away from the Bomb in fear.
  • Hacker previously started with this item.
  • You can't put down more than 10 Time Bombs at the same time, otherwise the player will say "Too many bombs!". This occurs with Fireworks as well.