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Custom Character Point Value: 5
Action Bar: No
Cooldown: No
Charge-Up: No
Most objects in the environment can be picked up and thrown.
Pick up and throw most objects in the environment

Toss is a Special Ability in Streets of Rogue used by the Wrestler. It allows you to pick up many objects and furniture that spawn throughout the levels and throw it over a decent distance, acting as a projectile attack. If an object can be picked up, then a Toss.png Toss icon will appear above the object. Some objects have a unique effect that will be inflicted when it hits. Besides the unique effects, all throwable objects have a chance of Dizzy or Crazy-Dizzy.

Throwable Objects[edit | edit source]

Image Object Effect
Shelf.png Shelf -
Sign.png Sign -
Plant.png Plant -
PoolTable.png Pool Table -
Toilet.png Toilet Poisoned
Lamp.png Lamp -
TrashCan.png Trash Can Poisoned
Refrigerator.png Refrigerator Frozen

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • There is no way to set the object down, it must be thrown.
  • Most normal actions cannot be taken while holding an environmental object, with the exception of opening doors.
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