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Traits are character-specific abilities. All characters start with some traits and more can be acquired by leveling up; however, some traits are exclusive to certain characters and cannot be obtained by any others.

Status effects can affect the player or NPCs that have them in positive or negative ways. They are usually applied through the use of items, and most are temporary or limited in some way.

Below is a list of traits and status effects in Streets of Rogue.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Army of Darkness

Recruit a maximum of 5 zombie followers.

Art of the Deal

A shrewd negotiator, recognizes that everything has a price.

Banana Lover

Bananas restore twice their normal health value.

Big Bullets

Bullets are twice as large.

Blahd Basher

Blahds will attack on sight.

Bloody Mess

Anyone killed is turned into a pile of gibs.

Class Solidarity

Can't hit people of your own class, or make them hostile

Clumsiness Accepted

People do not become Annoyed or Hateful if you break their property. This does not include walls.

Crepe Crusher

Crepes will attack on sight.


Syringes are all identified.

Fair Game

People will either run from you, or try to kill you

Fast Melee

Melee attack speed is multiplied by 1.25.

Flesh Feast

Melee hits with fists restore health

Friend of the Common Folk

The "generic" people of a stage will be Loyal. This currently includes Slum Dwellers.

Increased Crit Chance

Crit chance is increased by 3%.

Jack of Extra Trades

More traits to chose from when you level up.


Damage value of Fist is multiplied by 1.4.


People who would normally be Neutral are now Friendly, unless they are specifically guarding property.

Lasers Ignore You Pass through lasers without them reacting.
Loneliness Killer

When the player enters a new stage, a person of their same class is spawned alongside them and added to their party.

Long Lunge

Longer lunges when performing melee attacks by a factor of 1.5.

Longer Status Effects

Status effects last 1.5 times their normal length.


People who would normally be Neutral are now Annoyed.

Medical Professional

First Aid Kits grant 2 times their normal health bonus.

No Followers

Cannot hire anyone else to join a party, with the exception of other Gorillas.

No In-Fighting

Melee and projectile hits on Aligned people do not register.

Potential To Not Suck

A random stat gains a level up every other level, starting with level 2.

Modern Warfarer

When health drops below 20 and 4 seconds have passed since the last time damage was inflicted, health increases at a rate of 1 per second.

Science Expert

Coming soon.

Serve Drinks

Serve Cocktails to anyone, like it's your job or something.

Scientist Slayer

Scientists are Hateful.

Shrewd Negotiator

Items in shops cost less.

Skinny Nerdlinger

Knockback from attacks is 1.5 times larger than normal.

Slippery Target

Projectile weapon accuracy of attackers is 2 points lower.


Gorillas are Hateful.

Stubby Fingers

Cannot use projectile weapons.


Items purchased from other people cost 1.25 times their value.

Super Studious

Gains lots of extra XP.


Knockback from attacks is 2/3 as large as normal.

Team Building Expert

3 people can be hired to join the party.

Tech Expert

Does things with computers that other people can't.

Vocally Challenged

Cannot speak to anyone, unless in possession of the Translator.

Walls' Worst Nightmare

People can be knocked through walls using less powerful attacks than normal.


People who have contact with you and die are turned into zombies.

Status Effects[edit | edit source]

Name Duration Description


One-time damage of 20.

Always Crit


Every attack inflicted on other people is a crit.

Crazy Dizzy 5 Extremely slow moving speed and uncontrollable movement.
DNA Connection


Allows you to pair your DNA with an NPC

Electro Touch


Colliding with other people does 15 damage. Hitting with fists does 2 times its base damage, with a minimum of 15 and max of 25.



Person is Hateful of everyone they see. Effect on player forthcoming.



Move at 1.5 times base speed.


30 or End of Level

Become 3 times the normal size. Melee attacks and bullets do 3 times the normal damage. All walls and objects are destroyed when touched or attacked with melee weapons, with the exception of Steel walls and certain very strong objects.

Hearing Blocked


No reaction to noises.



Cannot be injured. However, armor durability can still be lowered.



Cannot be seen.

Knocked Out


Become completely incapacitated. Lasts permanently for NPCs, 10 seconds for players in coop mode.



One-time damage of 5.


End of Level

People who would normally be Neutral are now Friendly, unless they are specifically guarding property.



Lose health at a rate of 2 per second.

Regenerate Health


Restore health at a rate of 2 per second.

Resist Bullets


Bullet damage is 2/3 the normal amount.

Resist Damage (Small)


Damage is 4/5 the normal amount.

Resist Damage (Medium)


Damage is 2/3 the normal amount.

Resist Damage (Large)


Damage is 1/2 the normal amount.

Resist Fire


Coming soon.

Resist Gas


Gas has no effect.



When the person dies, they are resurrected several seconds later with 1/3 of their max health.


30 or End of Level

Become 1/3 the normal size. Melee attacks and bullets do 1/3 the normal damage. Person is crushed to death when coming into contact with another person who is moving.



Move at 2/3 base speed.



Multiplies melee damage by 1.5.



Knocked Out occurs in 10 seconds. This time can be reduced by hitting with more Tranquilizer Darts.