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Area: 5
Preceding Area: Downtown
Following Area Mayor Village

"Welcome to fabulous Uptown! Not allowed: Alcohol, drugs, heavy weapons, and lower-floor hooligans without Upper-Crusty status."

Uptown is the fifth area in Streets of Rogue. It starts at level 13, and ends at level 15. It comes after Downtown and is followed by Mayor Village.

The city's Uptown district is where the majority of its rich Upper-Crusters live and entertain themselves. Players can expect a challenge here -- Supercops and Cop-Bots patrol the streets, while wealthy business owners hire Supergoons to protect their property. Non-Upper-Crusters aren't allowed in Uptown, and getting caught could send you (or your stuff) on a trip to the Deportation Center.

Features[edit | edit source]

New NPCs[edit | edit source]

Objects[edit | edit source]

Features of Uptown[edit | edit source]

  • All Cops are replaced with Supercops.
  • Like in Downtown, all Goons are replaced with Supergoons, and Turrets are replaced with Mega Turrets.
  • Each floor is divided into multiple sections, bordered by Lockdown Walls. If there is some sort of danger in Uptown, the area will go into Lockdown. During Lockdown, all the Lockdown Walls in the player's area will rise and you cannot teleport. The Uptown will stop the Lockdown when the conflict ends.
  • There is a very notable amount of buildings in Uptown, leaving almost no open space.
  • A group of roughly 5 Cop Bots will spawn in each level of Uptown. Each Cop Bot will patrol a general area. Like a Security Camera, you can see their scanner range. Although their vision is much wider than the scanning range, the events are triggered only if you enter the scanner range. The color of their scanner means they are patrolling for different things:
    • Yellow vision means the Cop Bot is looking for people who don't have the trait, Upper-Crusty. The Cop Bot will take you to the Deportation Center if you are spotted, unless you have Upper-Crusty.
    • Purple vision means the Cop Bot is searching for Drugs and Alcohol. If you are spotted with them, the items will be sent to the Confiscation Center.
    • Cyan vision means the Cop Bot is looking for prohibited weapons. They will also be sent to the Confiscation Center.

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