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Illinois, USA

I am a Wiki Guardian on the Streets of Rouge wiki. Perhaps you can stop by and help out if you are familiar with the game!

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Hey there! I'm going to be replacing Z3ther as the manager for Streets of Rogue Wiki. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything!

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Woua i leave the wiki a while and you and pleccymm have done ton of work ! Excellent nice job :) I'm going to update all the image of the wiki cause i have the originals sprite. I don't know if there is a tool to find low res image but if you see some of them don't hesite to notice me ;)

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hey asshole, stop blocking my wiki leaks

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Hey Ranadom. Sorry about deleting your edits, but I'm going to delete them again. As far as I know, these are leaks, and are not in the official game as of the making of this reply. If these leaks are real, then feel free to add them as soon as the update containing them come out.

If you want to share your leaks, there are better places to discuss them. I'd suggest either the Streets of Rogue Discord or Streets of Rogue Subreddit.

I know that there is no rule disallowing leaks, but as an admin of the wiki, I feel that leaks don't belong on this Wiki. I will be adding a rule specifying that leaks are no longer allowed. Don't worry, you won't be punished in any way.

I hope you understand. The biweekly update is releasing today, so I'm guessing you will be able to readd your edits tonight!


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