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Illinois, USA

I help work on the Streets of Rouge wiki. Maybe you should too!

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Hey Mudmage! I've approved your request and have promoted you to wiki guardian! If you're interested I would highly recommend you to check out the help wiki as well as new to moderating which can be pretty helpful to new wiki guardians. Additionally we'd love to have you on the gamepedia slack chat where you can find other community members pretty engaging and find help with tips and tricks. Glad to have your additions, and if you need anything, please let me know! Cheers -z3ther

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Congratulations Mudmage, you have won the Streets of Rogue wiki editor of the month competition!

As a reward you have had a custom achievement given to your profile and you have the option to put a picture of you in game character on the front page of the wiki!

The image can be of any character in Streets of Rogue, custom or not, and can also contain your name at the top, try to make sure it's not to big so that it fits nicely on the page. Email me the completed picture though if you would rather I crop the image and add your name to the top just let me know.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask - PleccyMM

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Thanks a lot! I do feel a little bad though, as I have worked on the wiki (On and off) since the release of the game on Steam. I simply had a ton of motivation yesterday, and I got a ton of stuff done! But, I am happy I won and will put together a character soon.

Also, I'd like to look into becoming an Administrator of the wiki. I have worked on it for quite a while, and being able to do more could help. I don't know if you are the person to ask, but it would be nice. Thanks! -Mudmage

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It would be great if you could become an admin as I haven't really been able to do a lot of editing recently and the wiki could do with a bit more help.

To apply you just need to click the Claim Wiki button in the top left. After that you'll need to write a couple of paragraphs answering the questions given. Finally once it's sent Z3there, the wiki's manager, will let you know if you have become one or not.

I suggest reading through all the entries in the Administator's guide on the Gamepedia help wiki https://help.gamepedia.com/Gamepedia_Help_Wiki to get a better idea on what to do whilst you're an admin.


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Sorry that I keep bothering you. It's just that the claim wiki button isn't appearing. I read online that it doesn't appear when there are already admins?

Anyway, if there is any other way I can get to the application, it would be great if you could tell me.

PS: I'll get you that custom character soon.

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Oh right, sorry I didn't realise the button disappeared, your best course of action then is to just leave a comment on Z3ther profile page https://streetsofrogue.gamepedia.com/UserProfile:Z3ther he should get back to you relatively quickly.

Good luck!

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