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Item Type: Melee Weapon
Value: $40
Damage: 8
Motion: Swing
Speed: 5
Custom Character Point Value: 1
Whether used as a weapon or tampering tool (which costs durability), the wrench is a fine companion.

The Wrench is a melee weapon in Streets of Rogue which is dropped by Workers and Trash Cans. It can be used to tamper with Generators as well as other objects quietly at the cost of 30 durability. Tampering does make a small noise, being too close to an NPC can draw attention.

Obtained[edit | edit source]

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Frameless Generator - Using a wrench can quietly set off a timer
  • Frameless Slave - Using a wrench can quietly remove a slave helmet safely
  • Frameless Laser Emitter - Using a wrench can quietly disable it
  • PoliceBox.png Police Box - Using a wrench can quietly disable it
  • SatelliteDish.png Satellite Dish - Using a wrench can re-adjust it. (See Alien)