Zombie Phlegm

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Zombie Phlegm


Custom Character Point Value: 5
Action Bar: No
Cooldown: No
Charge-Up: Yes
Use health to fire a projectile that creates zombie followers after death
Hold [Special] to charge. Hit a living person and Zombify them, and they'll become your follower. Costs a bit of health.

Zombie Phlegm is a Special Ability in Streets of Rogue used by the Zombie. After a brief charge-up (<1 second); the player spits a green projectile that costs 3 health points. The projectile itself deals 6 damage and inflicts the target with DNA Connection. The infected victim will turn into a Zombie NPC that is Aligned with the player shortly after death.

Special Ability Traits[edit | edit source]

Tips and Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • This ability can still be used at ≤3 HP; it does not kill the player and no health loss is incurred at 1 HP.
  • DNA Connection does not have a duration and you do not need to personally kill the victim to turn them into a zombie.
  • Because this ability can create Aligned zombies, they will provide the standard 30% discount on shops and grant other benefits that comes with being Aligned.
  • The damage of the projectile and accuracy is influenced by Firearms attribute (as the spit counts as a bullet)
  • Bullet Related traits such as Burning Bullets and Penetrating Bullets apply to the projectile as well.
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